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Look for sunfish in 12 to 16 feet on Lake Mary, Lake Le Homme Dieu, Maple Lake and Smith Lake. Northern pike are hitting along the shallow weedlines of these lakes as well. Crappie action has been limited and an occasional walleye is pulled from 30 feet or deeper on lakes such as Miltona and Ida during lowlight periods.


Cedar Lake and Clearwater Lake are giving up a few walleyes in 16 to 24 feet of water. Pleasant Lake is producing pike in 14 feet and crappies over 40 feet of water. Granite Lake and the north bay on Lake Sylvia are giving up crappies during the evening hours. Sunfish can be had in 12 to 14 feet on Indian Lake, Clearwater and Sugar Lake.


Look for steady perch, walleye, and northern pike action on Otter Tail Lake in eight to 22 feet of water. Battle Lake is worth noting for walleyes, after dark, in 15 to 20 feet of water. Look for crappies on Battle in 15 to 17 feet of water. South Turtle Lake is producing sunfish and crappies in 17 feet. Sunfish also can be had at Battle, Ellingson Lake and Clitherall Lake in 12 to 17 feet of water.


The deep water on Blackduck Lake continues to produce perch and there is a good lowlight walleye bite in seven to 12 feet. The panfish bite has been slow, but Pimushe Lake, Gilstead Lake and Rabideau Lake should start producing sunfish and crappies very soon in 10 to 16 feet.


Golden shiners or sucker minnows are producing pike on most lakes in six to 22 feet. Gull Lake seems to be giving up the most fish. Walleyes are hitting shiner minnows in 10 to 22 feet or 28 to 40 feet on lakes such as Pelican, Round and Gull. Rosy red minnows or waxworms are the ticket for crappies in 15 to 22 feet on Nisswa Lake, Pelican and Gull.


Crappies and an occasional walleye can be had on South Lindstrom Lake in 22 to 28 feet. Sunrise Lake is producing northern pike 10 to 14 feet with large shiner minnows. Lakes such as Chisago, Little Green and North Center are providing steady sunfish action in eight to 16 feet of water. Look to the evening hours on Kroon Lake for crappies in 20 to 23 feet.


Small jigging spoons and minnow heads or setlines and small shiner minnows continue to produce walleyes on Serpent Lake and Pelican Lake. Pike have been extremely active on the weedlines of Serpent and Horseshoe Lake. The bigger panfish have started to come from deeper water with lakes such as Perry, Upper Dean, Mahnomen and Cedar all producing fish.


There's some consistent daytime walleye action at Roberds Lake, off the bars, in 18 feet. On Circle Lake, walleyes continue to be caught after dark in nine feet of water. The north end of Lake Mazaska is producing crappies in 30 feet, as is the deep water on French Lake.


Elbow Lake is producing a few walleyes and northern pike in less than six feet of water. Look to Gunflint Lake, Seagull Lake and Lake Saganaga for lake trout over 30 to 40 feet. Ciscoes continue to produce the most fish. Mink Lake and Kimball Lake remain the area's best bets for rainbow trout in shallow water.


Northern pike remain an easy catch on Splithand Lake and you will find some nice sunfish here in 19 to 22 feet. The north and south ends of Bowstring Lake, Rice Lake, and Sugar Lake near Remer are kicking out crappies in 20 to 30 feet. A few walleyes can be had during lowlight periods on Big Cutfoot in nine to 20 feet and on Lake Pokegama in 19 to 25 feet of water. Lakes such as Moonshine and Kramer are producing rainbows, brookies and browns at a variety of depths. Look for suspended lake trout over deep water on Pit Lake and Caribou Lake.


Walleye action has been limited to the 36- to 38-foot range. A trend for small jigs or plain hooks and small minnows has developed. Numbers of four- to eight-pound northern pike are easy to find in the shallows during midday hours and crappie action remains slow

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Dittos what Ice said...

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Minnesota Fishing Report 02/15/07 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
You Are Currently Viewing - Minnesota Fishing Reports  

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