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ANNANDALE - B.J.’s Bait & Tackle, Bill, west side of Clearwater Lake, between the two public accesses (320-274-3730) Some northerns are still being caught out there, we had two 14 pounders come in from spearing last week. Sunnies are biting despite the cold in 12 to 15 feet of water. And a few crappies are being picked up in the hole by the powerline. And guys are driving past the narrows.

ANOKA – Action’s Fishing, Jack, 809 West Hwy 10 (763-422-4890) The good news is that because of the extreme cold we had, we are able to drive on most of the lakes. Crappies were taken from Green and Blue Lakes. Buffalo, Beebe, Elk, Eagle and Little Pulaski reported some nice Crappies, also. Nice size perch from Mille Lacs and Little Rock, Sunfish from E. Rush and Goose, and northerns from George and Coon.

BATTLE LAKE – Ben’s Bait & Tackle, Josie, Junction of Hwy 78 and 210 (218-864-5596) The cold temps are keeping most away, the walleyes are biting really slow but the sunnies are biting well on east Lost Lake and some crappies are being picked up on Battle.

BEMIDJI – Bluewater Bait & Sports, Mark Cook, 1 mile north of the Hwy 2 & 71 Intersection (218-444-2248) Fishing has been decent… some walleyes and perch on Winnie, Cass and Plantagenet in the 20-25 feet of water range, using small sucker minnows for the walleyes.

BLACKDUCK - Timberline Sport & Tackle, Carl Adams, Junction of Hwy 71 and Blackduck Lake Rd (218-835-4636) Fewer people are out because of the cold, those that were out had a good walleye bite. The reports are that they are biting in about 9 to 13 feet of water and some perch too. Up on Red Lake, some good reports of crappies biting are still coming in despite the cold temps.

BRAINERD – www.sandwbait.com & www.walleyedan.com - S&W Bait and Tackle - Home of Walleye Dan's Guide Service, 7 1/2 miles North of Brainerd on the East side of Hwy 371 (218-829-7010) Call or visit our web site for a report.

CHISAGO CITY – Frankie’s Live Bait and Marine, Brad, Corner of Hwy 8 and Co Rd 77 (651-257-6334) Crappies, walleyes and sunnies are reportedly biting out in front of the hospital and out from the beach on South Lindstrom. For the sunnies try 22 to 28 feet of water with orange an pink waxies. The south end of Chisago is still putting out some sunnies during the day. North Center below bluewaters is still a good spot for sunfish and crappies.

CROSBY - Oars-N-Mine Bait and Tackle, Jesse Williams, 22640 Hwy 6 N (218-546-6912) This week’s cold temps brought the numbers of fishermen down quite a bit, but there are still a lot fish to be caught. Walleyes have been biting best in the evening hours on lakes such as Serpent, Pelican, North Long, and Whitefish. The use of an underwater camera has helped immensely getting those picky ‘eyes to nibble. Downsizing and subtle techniques have also made a huge difference in numbers of fish caught. For panfish, look to lakes such as Perry, Blackhoof, Little Blackhoof, Hay, Upper Dean, Bass and Whitefish. Crappies and sunfish both have been taking small glow jigs tipped with eurolarvae. Be sure to watch your electronics. The majority of pike being caught have been taken along the weeds in 9-15 feet of water on big shiners and quick-strike rigs. The key for better numbers would be to look for live weeds. Dark-house anglers have had a good year and the trend continues. We hope to see more anglers taking advantage of the extended season again this year, those last couple weeks of February have proven worthy of praise in the area in past seasons. Stop in for the up-to-the-minute report 7 days a week!

CROSSLAKE - Holiday of Cross Lake, Lee (218-692-2708) It’s been pretty cold; not very many people have been out. Some walleyes are being caught though out on Whitefish and crappies in the usual spots.

DULUTH - Fisherman’s Corner, Scott, 7 miles north of Miller Mall on Hwy 53 (218-729-5369) Call or visit our web site for a report.

DULUTH - Marine General, 1501 London Road, on the edge of Lake Superior (218-724-8833) Fishing has still been okay, even with the cold weather. The St. Louis River has been doing really good for walleyes right now; a lot are being caught in the 26 to 30 inch range. Try up by Boy Scout landing jigging chubs and shiners with a gold or orange jig, o a glow red jig. On Boulder Lake the fishing is still good. On the Lester and French rivers, not so much going on right now, although some should be out this week and this weekend on the ice. Might turn out to be pretty good out there.

FOREST LAKE - Mikes Bait on 8, 1/2 mile east of 35 on Hwy 8, Rich, (651-464-5150) There is not at least 16 to 18 inches of ice out on Green and Forest Lakes where the roads are plowed. The panfish bite is still good on Green Lake in 8 feet of water with about 1 foot of weeds on the bottom. The crappies are hanging out right above the weeds along with the occasional walleye. Out on Forest Lake, some guys are still getting a few walleyes. And try North Center for both crappies and walleyes. Guys that are getting out in the cold are getting some fish, not knocking them dead by any means, but it’s enough to make it interesting. Most are using the glow red demon jigs or green.

GLENWOOD - Fish On Bait & Sport, Kyle, 201 S Franklin St, 2 blocks south of stoplights in Glenwood, (320-634-3667) Cold weather but panfish bite continues on Minnewaska! Minnewaska has over 24 inches of ice and maybe even 28 inches or more by the time you read this...cold weather is making good ice and making it harder to keep the ice out of the holes. That is a good problem because it means you are fishing rather than working (smile). It is cold out, but the panfish continue to be the main attraction and the bite has not slowed at all. In fact it is incredible. We have had some folks from New London, Albany, Willmar and many other parts come out for some great panfishing. They are just giddy about how great the bite is and how nice the fish are. The sunfish continue to be in the 7 to 8 inch range with a few getting to 9 inches. I had to weight a few to see if I could tip the scales at 1/2 pound but the closest I could get was a little over 7 ounces. Most sunnies were in the 6 and 7 ounce range which is a great sunfish. The bite is all day long! Crappies bite is during the day in some areas and evening in others. At my house the crappies bit with the sunnies all day, a school of sunnies will come in followed by a dozen or so crappies and then shortly after followed by a pike. Seems the pike keep the panfish moving around all day. Out from my house the crappie bite seems more around 6pm to 8pm. Crappies are biting occasionally on larvae but mostly prefer a small minnow. Sunnies can be caught on waxies or larvae but I prefer a small jig "tipped" with two larvae hanging out the back like a couple of egg sacks or tails, the big sunnies can't resist it. Make sure not to jig too hard, a slight bobble with the bobber is all that is needed and creates a more aggressive bite. You have to get in 15 feet of water for the best bite. The pike are numerous! Mostly 2 and 3 pounders but if you like pike, just put some shiners or chubs down. The big 42 inch pike speared out from Lakeside is still a big discussion and there are reports of a bigger one but I have not confirmed it yet. The best walleye bite is still out from Halvorson Point but there are nice numbers being caught out from Lakeside Ballroom as well. I have had a few reports of an occasional walleye out of Crappie Town as well. Fish On will have a good inventory of crappie minnows, fatheads, Rosy Reds, Golden Shiners, suckers, spearing decoys, waxies, wigglers and much more. Stop in to get latest fishing updates and Kyle's hand drawn maps to the hot spots (this is a popular item and a must if you want to know right were to go).

GREY EAGLE - Nancy’s Bait & Tackle, Rex, on CR 2, four miles east of the Rock Tavern on Big Birch Lake, four miles west of Upsala (320-285-2405) Due to the cold weather, not a lot of people going out… still getting some panfish on Lady, Big Swan. Walleyes still a night bite on Big Birch and a few on Mound and Long Lake north of Bertrum. Things should pick up as the temps warm up here this weekend. About an inch and a half of snow out there right now.

HACKENSACK - Swanson’s Bait & Tackle, Jim Tuller, Hwy 371 on the north end of Hackensack (218-675-6176) Cold, very cold. Most have not been going out, some perch guys have been out during the day and doing okay, in the shallows (6-8 feet deep). They are also getting some northerns. Leech and Woman Lakes are probably your best bets. There is plenty of ice out there, but still watch the heaves.

KABETOGAMA-NAMAKAN – Gateway Store, US Hwy 53 & CO Rd 122, 30 miles south of Int’l Falls-Canadian border, Phil Hart (218-875-2121) Wow - we certainly have ice-makin' weather, the sub-zero temperatures add a couple inches of ice daily, no let-up in sight til mid week. Anglers as well as spearing enthusiasts are enjoying the ice conditions, lots of areas to fish that in precious years would have been off limits due to slush or heavy snow. Walleye bite has been up to par, depths at 36-42' has been the best producer, minnow or minnow head on a glow jig or tear drop jig of sorts, about 2' off the bottom has been best presentation. Soft bottom structure seems to be holding the bait fish which has been the attractant for the walleyes. Northern pike responding to live bait for spearing and tip-ups. Spearing at 6-12' or tip-ups at 15-20' have been pretty consistent for pike fishermen. The water clarity has lessened and the waters are difficult to spear in depths over 10'. Crappie anglers have an occasional good day, minnow on a small jig at 35-40' finds them suspended off the bottom. A good starting point for anglers on the Kabetogama/Namakan basin has been the area in front of the Kabetogama/Ash River Channel. On the West end of Kabetogama you can get on the lake at several of the public ramps and set-up for angling or spearing as the season winds down.

LAKE OF THE WOODS – Area Tourism Bureau, Denelle, near junction of Hwy 11 and Hwy 172 in Baudette (1-800-382-FISH) The cold snap that covered northern Minnesota has had an impact on the fishing at Lake of the Woods. The bite on the south shore has been sporadic, but there are still nice limits of fish being caught. Houses are placed in areas from Pine Island to Bridges Island, and also around Zippel Bay at various depths. Anglers found the fish moving to deeper water this week. Depths of 24-32 feet seem to be giving up good numbers of walleye and sauger. Buck shot spoons, Gem-N-Eye, and Swedish Pimples seem to be the best option for reeling in the keepers. Fishing on the Rainy River remains mostly the same, with the fish still taking cover in the shallows. 14-18 feet of water, using a small gold hook with a minnow head and Swedish Pimple seems to be working well. There are houses placed all along the river, with the hot spot still being in the Clementson area. The Northwest Angle and Islands has been experiencing excellent fishing the last couple weeks. Some nice trophy walleyes have been taken around the reefs in 20 feet of water, along with some beautiful perch and sauger. The Big Traverse Snowmobile Trail from Wheeler’s Point to Oak Island has been groomed and is in good condition, so load up the sled and head north!

LEECH LAKE – Anderson’s Resorts, Tim (1-800-516-0077) Call or visit our web site for a report.

METRO AREA EAST – Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle, Josh, Oakdale (651-777-2421) Try North Center for crappies. The northerns are still biting most everywhere. The St. Croix has been pretty slow lately.

MILLE LACS – Chris Kuduk's Guide Service, Chris Kuduk (320-630-1761) Nothing really going on. Out on Sherman’s flat, the guys that have their permanents out are doing ok on walleyes… gotta work to keep those holes open. Also try 7 mile.

MILLE LACS – Malmo Market, Lynwood Elliott, State Hwy 47 and 18 East, NE corner of Mille Lacs (320-684-2295) Recent sub zero temps didn't slow fishermen down, but did affect the fish. Perch action was picking up before the cold weather. The edges of the flats in 27-30' of water out of Fishers and Castaways between 10 am and 2pm. was producing some nice jumbos. Walleyes have been sporadic deeper water between 4 and 6pm expect an occasional bigger fish from 8-midnight on shiners with set lines. Success has been split between set lines and jigging. Try a rainbow or shiner on a set line and smaller swedish pimples tipped with a minnow head jigged slowly, also try dropping the jig into the mud occasionally. Anglers reported seeing plenty of perch with underwater cameras and an occasional walleye. Expected warmer temps and light snow will hopefully trigger them into biting. Most of the resorts on the NE end of the lake have nice plowed roads to the flats, as always stay on the marked roads. Good luck and hope to see you soon.

MILLE LACS – Johnson's Portside, Kelly or Steve, 1 mile north of Isle on Hwy 47 SE side of the lake (320-676-3811) It was a long cold winter weekend, traffic was slow but the walleye bite was there, catching big dogs at 26"-35" gravel and rocks, limits of slot fish also being reported. Too bad for all you guys who stayed home. Some Jumbo Perch action also starting up. Deep gravel. Remember to get your 2007 Perch Extravaganza buttons on sale now at Hunters Point, Portside Bait and Liquor, Milaca Unclaimed Freight, Prince Bait and Brandts Ice Fishing. Don’t be fooled by imitations!

LAKE MINNETONKA - Wayzata Bait & Tackle, Tim or Bob, half mile west off I-494 on Hwy 12 (952-473-2227) It’s been pretty slow due to the cold weather, but it should get better as it warms up this weekend. Try for walleyes out in 30 to 36 feet with fatheads and rainbows. A few crappies are coming off of Lake Independence in the 30 foot hole out from the access on demon jigs. Also try Medicine Lake on the humps in the middle with small shiners for walleyes and crappies. Black Lake, Cooks, North Arm have been good for panfish on eurolarve. And a few of the bays on Tonka have been good too. Call the shop for the best reports.

LAKE MINNETONKA – Minnetonka Outdoors, Dallas or Gregg, south frontage road to Hwy 7 between Vine Hill Rd & Old Market Blvd in Shorewood (952-470-8800) Call or visit our web site for a report.

NISSWA - Dave’s Sportland Bait & Tackle, Jason, 2 miles south of Nisswa at the Intersection of Hwy 371 and Cty Rd 77, next to Schaefer’s Foods (218-963-2401) Call or visit our web site for a report.

LAKE OSAKIS - Holiday Resort, Adam, 115 miles west of Twin Cities on I-94W, take 71N to Co Rd 10W to Falcon Dr in Osakis (320-859-4360) Cold weather has meant cold bite on Osakis the last week or so. The crappies are continuing to bite around football bar and Schultz's bay. The northerns are starting to pick up again along deep flats; town bay, and around two-mile producing the most fish. Sunfish going really well on Maple just down the road from Osakis; lots of fish in the 3 to a pound range.

PARK RAPIDS – Delaney’s Sport Center, Kevin, East 1st St (218-732-4281) The northerns fishing has been pretty decent out on big man trap in about 14 feet of water. The walleye fishing has been definitely slow here during the cold, but should pick up as the warm temps come back. Upper Twin Lake and Fishhook has been good for bluegills in about 12 feet of water. The crappies have been best suspended in about 30 feet of water on Big Man Trap.

PELICAN RAPIDS – Park Region Sport Shop, Lee Brenna, Intersection of Interstate 59 and 108 in downtown Pelican Rapids (800-962-8553) Not many have been out with the -30 degree temperatures. The crappies and walleyes were biting on before the cold front and when it warms up, I expect the bite to pick up again. Try Lizzie and Prairie for crappies and Lida and Pelican for walleyes.

RAINY LAKE – Rainy Lake Tourism (1-800-FALLS-MN) Walleye fishing has been pretty good on Rainy Lake, especially as dusk sets in. Hot areas have been in 25-30 feet of water in Sand Bay, and a little deeper further east around American Narrows. If you’re equipped with portable gear, go mobile and check out spots further east on the Voyageurs National Park Cranberry Bay ice road. Walleyes are liking smaller minnows on jigs. Some big northern pike have been caught, mostly on large sucker minnows. Crappie action has been sporadic. There has been some light snowfall, and there have certainly been people riding the northern snowmobile trails, but they still need more snow. Lake trails in the Voyageurs National Park are all staked and open. The International Voyageurs Snowmobile Club has arrangements for a trail from International Falls to Rainy Lake via the village of Ranier.

RED WING – Ike's Bait & Tackle, Ken, 2109 Old W Main St, Red Wing (651- 388-2111) Panfish are still being caught between the docks at Baypoint on waxies, China bait and crappie minnows or spikes. Frontenac pond still has a decent northern bite going on with tip-ups with shiners.

SAINT CLOUD – Stop Light Bait, 8th Avenue SE, St. Cloud (320-255-9689) Some crappies are being caught on Pearl and Briggs Lakes. Cedar Lake and Green Lake might also be worth a try. Many fishermen have had luck with Genz bugs, glass jigs and pink jigs lately. A few sunfish are being caught on Clearwater and Briggs Lakes. Waxworms, eurolarve and Berkley gulp have been catching the fish. We have had no reports of a perch bite in our area. Fishermen traveling to Winnie, Leech and Mille Lacs Lake have been catching fish. Walleye anglers in our area are reporting slower fishing. A few local anglers are traveling to Red Lake where they have been catching many walleyes. Anglers should be careful releasing these fish. The northern pike have been biting on Clearwater and pearl lake. Suckers and large shiners have been catching the fish. Mississippi river is still producing some crappies and walleyes. We have a new large selection of different types and sizes of ice jigs. We also have a 50% off sale on clothing and we have a good selection of Dewey Johnston hand carved spearing decoys.

SOUTH CENTRAL MINNESOTA – Axel's Tackle Box, Axel, 2 blocks north of Hwy 60 on Hwy 13, next to Casey’s, on Lake Sakatah in Waterville (507-362-4444) Crappies and sunnies are being taken on the swimming beach area in 10-15 ft of water. Anglers have been using "structure on a string" with success. Northern spearing has been good near the hatchery. Clear Lake (Waseca) has been doing well giving up sunnies. Elysian seems still to be slow as is Madison.

STARBUCK - Minnewaska Bait, Larry Jensen, Hwy 29 near the Starbuck Marina (320-239-2239) Cold, cold, cold! The sunfish are biting on both the Starbuck and Glenwood sides on waxies in about 12 feet of water, and the northerns are biting on the Starbuck end with tip ups and suckers.

STILLWATER - Jimmy's Bait and Tackle, Stillwater (651-430-2554) Northerns are still a good bet on Big Carnelian with sucker minnows. Try Schoolhouse, Boot or Big Carnelian for panfish. To get crappies on the river, you’ve got to be mobile.

WACONIA - Mase’s In Towne Marine, Cindy, corner of Lake and Elm (952-442-2096) Daytime hours on northern and sunnies has been good in Waconia Bay. During evening hours crappies, walleyes biting on Harms Point, West Center Reef and the north side of the lake. And the depths, orientating towards vegetation in 9-13 feet of water. Light snow cover on the ice.

WINNIBIGOSHISH – Walleye Visions, Tom Neustrom, 21622 Airport Rd, Grand Rapids (218-327-2312) Brrrrrrrrrr! The bottom fell out for this past week end with temperatures hitting -32 below and wind chills approaching -50 below. It made for tough conditions on Big Winnie. The ice is around 28 to 30 inches and travel around the lake has been great. There are a few ridges out there and one needs to steer clear of them. The fishing has been OK and the Walleyes are showing themselves with pretty good consistency. The tops of the humps located on the North and West side of the Big Lake have been good places, especially the last 2 hours of the day. Buck Shot Rattle Spoons, Jiggle Bugs, and a plain colored hook with a shiner or chub, have all been producing Walleyes. Winnie is full of young fish in the 9 inch range, 11-13 inchers, plenty of 14-17 inch fish, and plenty of catch and release slot fish. The Perch bite is a little bit off, but will continue to get better week by week. The key is to keep moving, drill a lot of holes, and give ’em what they want. Switch baits and downsize a little, it make all the difference in the world. The crappie bite has been a little slow on Big and Little Cutfoot, but it has been a little better on some of the smaller lakes in the area. Stay warm and come on up, the ice is good and the fishing will continue to improve

Minnesota's Statewide Weekly Ice Fishing Report - - - This thread has 1 message. Showing 1 through 1.
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