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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 03:14 PM 02/25/05 (CST)
JN is preparing a new section, for the kids, called Outdoor Kids. This section is JN's contribution to the tireless effort that Dave "Hoggie" Hoggard, from has initiated to perserve the outdoor experience for the next generation with his School-Net Kids program.

Children tend to not see the whole picture when it comes to nature and what the outdoors has to offer them. So we need to provide our kids with a safe and fun outlet to learn not only what the world around them is all about but to also respect it.

Outdoor Kids will talk about how to be a responsible person while outside, how to give back to nature, and most of all how to reap the wonderful benefits spending time outside can do for us.

If anyone can offer information on outdoor activities for articles that will be enjoyable and informative for the kids we would greatly appreciate it.

Within the Outdoor Kids section we will also have a library on Outdoor Careers.

Kids worry about jobs sent overseas, if they will be able to live in the great Midwest, and be able to find a job that they have a passion for. They are the future of our sport and if we don't show them the opportunities that exist and the methods to achieve these opportunities, it would be a great loss.

If you are involved in an outdoor related career, send us information about your career, how to get started, education needed, what a typical day in your career is like, etc.

Matt Johnson, from MattJohnsonOutdoors has volunteered to help the kids with an article on "A Day in the Life of an Ice Fishing Guide". We are looking forward to reading that article. JN applauds Matt for his contribution.

We thank CrappieMagnet for his article contribution on panfishing with micro jigs.

With the open water fishing season fast approaching, we want to get the kids off to a great start this year.

To promote our involvement in this cause, we are beginning a "Take-A Kid Fishing" photo contest beginning in March and running through July. We are currently welcoming 10,000 visits a month. We know that seeing the pictures being continually posted, throughout the contest, will be a lot of fun for our community.

If you are a guide service, tackle company or a resort owner, and want to give the winning child a memory that will last forever, please consider sponsoring this contest.

A guide trip or resort stay would be greatly appreciated..

You will not only have the reward of doing something good for the kids - a man's word is his bond and you have my personal word that I will do everthing in my power to promote your business, which includes 5 months free advertising, and promotion of Dave's School-Net Kids program.

Just send your information or questions to or call 320.656.9196. Don't worry about article formatting, that's our job.

The JustNorth Community - We may not change the world. With your help, we just might spark the young mind that does.

Robb Anderson

Team Justnorth

Buck Anderson

JustNorth Outdoors
Joined 02/26/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 04:09 PM 02/25/05 (CST)
Sounds like a very good a noble cause Robb. I am sure you will get some activity on this. There is nothing better then taking a kid fishing!

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Help Us Help the Kids - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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