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CrappieKeith's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 08:13 AM 12/12/06 (CST) is bringing the outdoors into schools.

If it happens in the outdoors, kids can now learn about it in their classrooms.
Kids may learn how to safely build a campfire today.
Tomorrow, they could learn how to catch a catfish... or a tuna.
The next day, the class may see the making of a birch bark canoe.

K-12 school teachers across America can invite knowledgeable outdoor professionals into their classrooms using school computers!
This is a safe, fun, and innovative way for kids to learn about the GREAT outdoors.
This service is FREE to all K-12 schools.

On the site, Catch-N "Secrets for KIDS" features a new professional outdoors person each week. Kids across America will learn their outdoor secrets!
Want to know a secret about catch'n BIG fish?
Want to know how birds can soar without flapping their wings?
Want to learn how to harvest wild rice or wild honey?
On a scheduled basis Catch-N Pro-Staff will hold online demos where classrooms can interact.

"I know that the Internet can present dangers for young students if proper structure and supervision are not prevalent. This on-line live demo presents a supervised and safe way for students to gain knowledge, and further develop an interest within the technology of the school environment.
From an educator's perspective, I think the Catch-N KIDS web site and program present many possibilities for connecting school aged students in helping them to learn and develop a passion for an interest area."
Kyle R. DeKam - Owatonna Junior High School Principal, Owatonna/MN

Principal Kyle DeKam of Minnesota's Owatonna Junior High School shows kids how to learn from professionals using the Catch-nKids program.
See the clip;
Catch-nKIDS at OJHS at;

Teachers, your class may learn information that is not found in any school book.
It is easy for teachers to register a user-name on our Catch-n KIDS FORUM using your school as a username. You can also list your class information and school's location.

Catch-n KIDS allows your class to "chat" with our list of outdoor professionals in a SAFE and friendly learning environment.

Students learn from live dialogue with a person who is an outdoor professional. Classes will view the pro's photos, digital video clips, and may benefit from live web cam interaction. Students may ask questions and get answers to those questions instantly! Some of these "chats" may originate from other classrooms across America by use of live webcams.
One of our Catch-n Kids Pro-Staff associates may even come to your school for the session.

Providing outdoor information to kids K-12 in a safe and friendly learning environment over the Internet is the Catch-KIDS goal. Each of our management staff and pro-staff professionals have been screened for
criminal background and instructed in the use of proper "kids-forums" ethics.

Teachers can register for topics weeks in advance on the Catch-nKIDS forum. On the topic dates, pre-registered classroom teachers log-in to attend live discussion "chats" on a scheduled topic.
The name and location of your school is displayed each time a post is made with a question or comment. More than one classroom can attend the same topic.
Catch-nKIDS "pros" will present topic information and answer specific questions made by individuals in each class.
Sessions on topics last from 30 minutes to an hour and may be joined while in process by pre-registered classrooms.
Sessions may contain information on hunting, fishing, camping, boating, sailing, swimming, hiking, processing and outdoor cooking of fish or game, target shooting with gun and bow, and making various outdoor related tools, foods, clothing, and outdoor housing or shelters.
Teachers may select any topics that they have interest in attending.

To register or to ask any questions please contact Dave Hoggard at 507-202-0312 or visit the web site.
Dave "Hoggie" Hoggard

Catch-N Tackle Co.
Catch-N Radio
1035 Robert Pl. SW
Owatonna, Mn 55060
Dave "Hoggie" Hoggard
Minnesota Fishing Reports at
Bio-Bait at

Catch'n Kids Pro Staff
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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 08:23 AM 12/12/06 (CST)
thanks CK wink smiley

Catch-n needs pros - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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