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Minnesota Fishing Report 12/06/06 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 01:27 PM 12/11/06 (CST)
The small lakes are in decent shape with five to seven inches of ice. Anglers have begun walking out on lakes such as Clearwater, John, Pleasant and Granite and are catching a few walleyes and crappies. The majority of fish have been active during the evening hours in 15 to 22 feet of water.


The small lakes have three to seven inches of ice and although there is less ice on the big lakes, everything is ice covered. Shiner minnows are triggering limited walleye action on Walker Lake and Rush Lake in 16 to 20 feet during lowlight periods.


Depending on the size of the lake, you'll find two to eight inches of ice. Look for panfish in 15 to 20 feet in Allen's Bay on Cass Lake. Perch can be had in 25 to 30 feet at Pike Bay Lake. Walleyes have been active during lowlight periods over 18 to 22 feet on Cass and Pike Bay. Northern pike seem to be hitting on most lakes in six to 10 feet of water.


On the east side of the lake, Isle Bay, Wahkon Bay and Cove Bay have four to six inches of ice. Walleye and perch reports have been very good from Isle Bay in 15 feet of water. The main lake is still not accessible. On the west side, four inches of ice is the norm in most bays and shoreline areas.


Lake Minnetonka capped with ice on Monday night. The small lakes have better ice depths and conditions, although that varies from spot-to-spot and lake-to-lake. Look for some ice fishing activity by this weekend.


Seven to nine inches of ice is the norm with excellent walleye reports coming from 15 to 20 feet. ATVs and snowmobiles are being used in most areas being fished. The water is very clear, which typically means a strong bite.


The entire lake is capped with ice and anglers will find as much as six inches of ice south of Sugar Bay, where spear houses recently have been set up. Some decent perch reports have come from this shallow area as well, but thinner ice on the main lake has limited the places at which perch anglers can fish. Some of the more traditional main lake areas may be accessible by this weekend.


A few anglers have walked on Shingobee Bay and Kabekona Bay. Walker Bay capped with ice Monday night, so look for ice fishermen to get going by this weekend on most of the lake. Most small lakes now have up to six inches of ice.


Three to five inches of ice can be found on most lakes. Buffalo Lake is kicking out walleyes and crappies during lowlight periods in 12 feet. Look for pike and sunfish in less than 10 feet on Lake Ida and Little Eagle Lake. The channel between Briggs Lake and Rush Lake is producing crappies.


There's still open water remaining on the main lake, but the bays are covered by four to six inches of ice. Spear fishermen have started in the shallows of most bays and Sand Bay is kicking out walleyes in 20 to 22 feet of water. A shiner minnow and glow jig combination has worked best early and late in the day.


Anglers have started walking on lakes such as Browns, Rice, Long and Eden where three to six inches of ice has formed. Spear houses have begun being set on most small lakes and except for a small area on Lake Koronis, everything is ice-covered.


NORTHEAST - Ice is limited although some anglers have started walking on the small lakes where as much as five inches of ice is reported. Big Marine Lake is giving up some walleyes in 20 feet of water late in the day.

WEST - Expect four to five inches of ice on the small lakes, but much less on the bigger lakes. Ice anglers just began fishing Hydes Lake for crappies with limited success.

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 01:46 PM 12/11/06 (CST)
I hear that in the Duluth area Fish Lake, Island Lake and Boulder Lake are all producing fish. Walleye, Perch, and Pike are all active.

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 03:32 PM 12/11/06 (CST)
Thanks BigBite!

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Minnesota Fishing Report 12/06/06 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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