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Here's the state fishing report from Outdoor News.
Most shallow lakes had a skim of ice on them earlier this week so the potential for ice fishing is weather dependent over the next few days. There still is some open water walleye fishing taking place on the bigger lakes in the area, such as Carlos, Miltona and Ida. Vertical fishing a jig and minnow over 30 to 50 has worked best.
A few boats continue to be put to use on Clearwater Lake, where walleyes have been caught in 15 to 20 feet and some crappies can be had in their winter locations. Many small lakes, bays and shorelines were ice-covered earlier this week. With some cold weather and minimal wind, look for ice anglers to start checking its depth.
Shoreline ice is noticeable and a few small lakes were ice capped, but they opened earlier this week. Open water anglers are dodging floating ice and catching muskies on large sucker minnows at West Battle Lake in 15 to 25 feet. West Battle and Otter Tail Lake are giving up a few walleyes on sucker minnows in eight to 15 feet of water. Anglers fishing from shore on Eagle Lake continue to catch walleyes as well.
The majority of small lakes have remained ice-covered, despite warmer temperatures earlier this week. A few anglers have been checking ice depths on their traditional first-ice locations and they have found enough ice to walk on in spots. While it's close, many anglers feel it's still a few cold nights away from safely walking on.
Open water anglers continue to catch walleyes in 30 to 37 feet on Gull Lake and North Long Lake. Some of the small lakes are ice-covered and shoreline ice has started to form, so open water action could be ending soon and ice fishing could begin.
Ice is beginning to form on the small lakes and bays. As a result, fishing reports have been nonexistent and will be until anglers can walk on their traditional first-ice locations. With some cold weather, that could take place very soon.
Ice had begun to take shape on many small lakes, but the warm weather and Monday's wind eliminated most of it. Open water is still quite evident and you could still get a boat in on several large lakes as of Tuesday morning. Look for anglers to make a quick transition to ice fishing once there's an extended stretch of cold weather.
Many small lakes are ice-covered, but open water remains on most large lakes. While fishing reports have been nonexistent, it won't take much cold weather for anglers to start their season on several traditional, early ice locations.
There's a skim of ice on many small lakes and it won't take much more cold weather for walkable ice to form. Fishing reports from Lake Superior also have been nonexistent this week.
Ice had begun to form on many lakes last weekend. This week's warm weather opened many of those areas, so ice fishing is still on hold. The good news is that it shouldn't take much cold weather for ice to form again.
Iowa Lake continues to produce perch on fathead minnows in two to three feet of water. There is some shoreline ice on the main lakes and the ponds are ice-covered.
Ice has begun to form, but this week's warm weather slowed the process. Some of the small, shallow lakes tucked in the woods should offer ice thick enough to walk on with just a few more days of cold, calm weather. But if it remains above freezing for any length of time this week, ice fishing may not be an option for another week to 10 days. It's close, but weather dependent at this point.
Most small lakes are completely ice-covered and a few anglers were fishing through the ice last weekend. The warm temperatures and wind earlier this week ended those opportunities, but it won't take much cold weather for walkable ice to form.
The entire surface of Kabetogama was ice-covered last Sunday at least as far as one could see. With continued cold weather the ice fishing season could start within the next couple of weeks.
A few bays and the shorelines had a skim of ice, but the warm weather this week opened them again. Muskie anglers have been breaking the shore ice and continue to hook a few fish from their boats. Walleye activity has dropped with just a few fish caught by trolling crankbaits.
The bays and shorelines seem to form a layer of ice at night only to reopen during the day. Many small lakes also were ice-covered earlier this week, but the warm weather eliminated it. It won't take much cold weather for this area to remain locked up.
Anglers on the Rainy River report great walleye action with many limits taken. Jigs tipped with minnows are working best in 13 to 20 feet of water. A thin layer of ice has formed on the bays and inlet areas, but the river and main lake remains open.
Fishing reports have been nonexistent. The south end bays were ice capped so it won't take a lot of cold weather for walkable ice to form on the lake. If the weather cooperates over the next week, ice fishing shouldn't be too far away.
Fishing has been put on hold until ice forms. That process has begun with shoreline ice and some ice-covered bays noticeable this week. A few days of cold and calm winds could make ice quickly.
The majority of the lake has been ice-capped three or four times, but it reopens during the day. If it turns cold and the winds remain calm the potential for ice fishing exists very soon.
Trolling big Grandmas and Jakes over the humps of Walker Bay continues to trigger muskies for the few guys who fish open water. Shingobee Bay, Steamboat Bay, and most small lakes in the area were ice-covered earlier this week.
Walleyes can be had on the Minnesota and Blue Earth rivers. A jig and minnow has produced quite a few big walleyes this week. The majority of lakes were ice-covered earlier this week. As of Tuesday morning, that ice had remained intact. It's thickness will depend on this week's weather.
Ice has formed on most small, shallow lakes. The warm weather earlier this week has slowed the ice making process, but these smaller bodies of water remained ice-covered through Tuesday morning. While ice fishing hasn't been an option at this point, it may not be far off if it doesn't get too warm.
The Mississippi River still is producing some smallmouth bass and walleyes. Work the deeper holes with a large minnow. The small lakes and bays were covered with ice earlier this week, but the wind and warm temperatures opened most of them. Many anglers believe it won't take much cold weather for walkable ice to take shape.
Big Stone Lake was capped with ice last weekend, but Monday's south wind opened it up. While shoreline ice remains, it's going to take several days of cool, calm weather for walkable ice to take shape.
Most lakes are ice-covered. The wind and warm weather on Monday and Tuesday didn't make any additional ice, but they seemed to stay intact despite warmer temperatures. A few days of cold weather would really help this area and provide ice anglers with an early start to the season.
A few guys continue to fish walleyes on the Rainy River, but most are waiting for ice. It has started forming along shorelines and in the bays. The main lake remained open earlier this week, but with some cold weather this weekend, look for ice to take hold.
A few guys had begun to ice fish off the first break on the east side of the lake. But Monday's wind busted up most of the ice ending any ice fishing opportunities for at least another week to ten days.
Waxworms have produced numbers of good-sized sunfish in the Baypoint Park area. Most anglers are fishing between the docks and casting into deeper water. Walleye and sauger action also remains strong at the dam on the Mississippi River. Hair jigs tipped with minnows continue to turn the majority of fish in 14 to 20 feet of water.
Ice has started to form. The big lakes are still open, but many bays and smaller bodies of water were covered with ice as of Tuesday morning. If warm weather can be avoided and the wind stays calm, look for the first ice fishing reports of the season to start within two weeks.
All area lakes were capped with ice on Tuesday morning. If the wind stays down and an extended stretch of warm weather is avoided, there's a good chance the ice fishing season could begin within the next couple of weeks. The smaller lakes and bays had just more than one inch of ice as of this writing.
A skim of ice forms overnight on the big lakes, but it has been opening during the day. The small lakes and bays have remained ice-covered with a thin layer over the past week.
NORTHEAST -- A jig and minnow is triggering walleyes and sauger on the St. Croix River. Fishing activity on area lakes is limited due to shoreline ice. Most anglers are waiting for ice, which could take shape soon if the weather turns cold. Some of the small lakes did have ice on them earlier this week, but it melted as it warmed.
WEST -- Shoreline anglers have caught a few walleyes with minnows on the Crow and Minnesota rivers. Ice had begun to form on many small lakes and bays last weekend, but the warm weather and wind busted most of them open.
Walleyes and northern pike are being caught from shore near the boat landing on Lake Elysian. Shiner minnows or Twister Tails and jigs have worked best. Most lakes remain free of ice. As of Tuesday morning, you still could get a boat in at any access.
Except for some limited shoreline fishing for walleyes, most anglers are waiting for ice to form. It had begun to take shape earlier this week, but the wind and warm temperatures broke most of it open. A few nights and days of cold, calm weather is needed for walkable ice to set in on many small, shallow lakes.

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Minnesota Fishing Report 11/29/06 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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