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Sand Burr
Joined 02/27/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 10:43 AM 10/31/06 (CST)
Well last Friday I gave my oldest (13) a chance to bow hunt in the ground blind on the edge of our alfalfa field by himself. He was very excited to hunt without dad and make a few choices on his own. They say dads tend to be a little overpowering? (Huh that’s what its called) Well low and behold he spots a doe straight south of him on the field edge but it doesn’t seem to want to come his way. So being a kid and having all the luck in the world he does what any kid would do. He gets out of the blind and begins to crawl up to it. Of course I would of looked like a bear trying to find its last meal before I gasped for my last breath and fell over. The young lad makes it to within 20 yards! He sits up on his knees and takes the shot. Straight over its back! Ahhhhhh He is very upset with himself and stands up to watch it run away. He turns around to head back to the blind and WOW right there beside him is two more deer that walked out during the stalking process and began to feed. So down he went again to close the distance. He figures he gets within 30 yards and is begging to take another shot. He goes up to his knees and lets the shot go. In his own words with a half cocked head “They didn’t even flinch Dad?”. So he takes out his last arrow with a Brodhead and shoots again! It went right under the doe! He gets up and walks home in disgust! He rolls into the house and tells me the story. The young guy learned many things on his own that night. Things like it doesn’t need to be a buck to have “buck fever”. Bow hunting is a lot tougher than pulling up the crosshairs and pulling the trigger. I also gave him a few things to think about. Things like if you are not 100% sure you are going to kill what you are aiming at don’t shoot. Think of how you would of felt if you would of injured the animal because you were trying to prove to me that you can do it on your own. His dabber was down that night but we took out the rifles on Saturday and regained some confidence.

We are never to old to learn.

Kid gains life lessons and important hunting skills.

Dad looses 50 bucks in carbon arrows and Muzzy Brodhead’s!

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 11:12 AM 10/31/06 (CST)
Way to go DAD! I wished my dad hung with me after my bro was killed like you do with your boys. Sounds like he'll practice a bit more too. Great lessons,not to mention although he missed do you think he'll stop hunting. Not in a million & it only cost you 50$.
My grandpa would give my dad 3 shotgun shells. If he came home with his shell shot ,he had better have 3 ducks or 3 whatever or it was SON go pick out your switch.
He tells me of the time when he missed & had to get down to his scivies to wade through the loon crape stalking mallards& to line up 3 with 1 shot to save the tanning of his hide,but this was during the depression.

Lesson's Learned - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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