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must gear to have ice fishing - - - 5 messages. Showing 1 through 5.
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CrappieKeith's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 02:38 PM 10/10/06 (CST)
#1 a good portable,I prefer Eskimo Traveler.It's a good 1 or 2 man tent.
#2 Any Velxiar,zoom is great ,but all you need is to see the fish & the jig so the FL-8 is perfect.
#3A 24" rod,with a nice back bone & fast tip.I'll mount a flat spring bobber extending 2" past the rod tip.
#4 a u.l. reel with a positive back stop & smooth drag.Get a drag that when you change the tention you here individual clicks.
#5 A mr. heater & 20 lb cylendar
#6 A 12 volt rechargeable battery & a 12 volt light
#7 Sit -n-stow that sits in the 5 gallon bucket with headlamp,sutchers,extra spool of 4 test line or 2 test& a foam jig box loaded with the no meat minnow.
#8 Power auger & scoop,shovel for clearing a spot for the house and to bank the house.

now the bad news,this will run you around a $1000.
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nofishfisherman's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 02:40 PM 10/10/06 (CST)
awe crap, all I got is a few poles and a hand auger. I guess I'll make do.

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CrappieKeith's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 02:52 PM 10/10/06 (CST)
that's ok when it is early or late in the season.When it gets cold everything freezes up so I need to get inside.Early on I can fish out side& do to sell jigs. There is no better way than to toss slabs on the ice.This will draw over those that really want fish.It may take a bit ,but most can't just watch me rip lips.They come over to see what I'm using.Now the process has started.It may take a day or 2 of pounding them,but when the guy's are getting skunked & my boyz are ripping lips ,they come to their senses & get set up with a few. I'll rap up a spring for them & spend a few minutes teaching the lift.Now the fish come for them.
It's 1 guy at a time.spend a session with me to see for yourself NF.
You can do this blind too.That is how I started.It's just not as accurate is all.The locator shows me fish or nofish.It shows suspended fish & it shows me how they react to what I'm doing in front of them.
I then can tell if they are finicky or aggresive which I then match the size & speed to how the are reacting.
A FL-8 are my eyes.When I can see how they move ,I react accordingly.

This is how you become the deadliest guy on the lake.
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sportsnut218's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 02:56 PM 10/10/06 (CST)
Don't forget the sunscreen and sunglasses... though I've never been out on the ice.. I know about the glare from the sun on the white stuff and ice, at least when there is sun. This can be a lot worse on your eyes than anything in the summer.

Even a BAD day of fishing is better than a good day of work; paydays excluded!

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CrappieKeith's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 5 Posted: 03:07 PM 10/10/06 (CST)
The glare is a killer,so I put my back to the sun & hide my 8 in the shadow so I can read it.Come late ice I do get a tan.

I thought I'd make a list of the gear. I look at it like spokes on a wheel. When they are all in place the wheel rolls smoothly.A wheel missing spokes will become warped & it takes alot more energy to get to the same place.

The traveler is 170$if you shop. rod&reel is 50$ heater 35$free used tank& an auger is all you need to start.
Eskimo Traveler Ice House (69034)
2-person "pop out-style" ice shelter. Weighs 44 lbs., Rugged polyethylene sled, extra long skirt, C-style zipper door, green, water and fire resistant heavy-duty fabric, Easy-view window, Pull rope for towing, Four side vents, License holder and Reflectors. Size: 58" x 57" x 71"H.
Ships UPS Oversized or Speedee.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingStyled After The Famous Mitchell 300

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA – Imitation is certainly a sincere form of flattery and the new Mitchell Avocet family is styled after the most famous spinning reel in history, the Mitchell 300.

Mitchell Avocet reels are offered in two versions, the Gold Series and Silver Series. Both series introduces three models, the 500UL, the 2000 and the 4000.

The Avocet Gold spinning reel is built with 8 bearings and the Silver models have 4 bearings. All Avocet reels feature a solid and smooth operation, the patented Mitchell quick-change spool system and two shirted spools. They also include a reversible handle for left or right handed fishing, Instant Anti-Reverse and durable bail configuration for optimum line pickup and even winding on the spool. The adjustable drag is found on the front of the spool on Avocet Gold models while the Avocet Silver 2000 offers the choice of front or rear drag adjustment.

The FL-8SE Flasher
Depth Finder / Fish Finder
Click Here for a Printable Page
The Vexilar FL-8 SE flasher depth finder / fish finder is the latest in the line of FL-8 series flashers. The Se incorporates a super bright, super fast, display and enhanced interference rejection. With a long history of performance and reliability, the FL-8 series has become the standard flasher for open water and ice fishing with many anglers. The FL-8 SE is available in gimbal mount setup for boat rigging or in several popular ice fishing packs.

The FL-8 SE presents bottom contours, vegetation, structure, fish, and bait fish in a multiple color display. The different colors indicate the strength of the return echoe's signal. Strong echoes are displayed as red marks. Weak echoes are shown as green. Medium strength echoes are orange. The multiple color real time display gives you a great advantage over any single color depth finder. Check out these testimonials from fisherman who rely on an FL-8 flasher.

A 400-Watt transmitter and an ultra-sensitive receiver back the vivid display. It is easily sensitive enough to show the thermocline and plankton layers. The colors and high sensitivity also make finding changes in bottom content easy. And Ice fishermen know the FL-8 series flashers have become famous for their ability to see small baits at deep depths.

The FL-8 SE can be rigged for almost any application. With a wide variety of transducers and accessories to choose from, the FL-8 SE can be used year-round.

Improved Interference Rejection technology lets you fish side by side with almost any flasher or LCD graph with interference free operation. The 10 step IR switch lets you knock out interference between you and another depth finder. FL-8 SE anglers can even fish two depth finders in the same ice shelter or boat. It allows you to have two depth finders close together on a boat or in a fish house without the annoying interference.

Features & Specifications
High Resolution Display: 525 Bits
High-Speed Real-Time LED Readout
Backlit Depth Scale for Easy Visibility in Low Light Conditions
Three-Color Display: Red = Strong Signal / Orange = Medium / Green = Weak
Six Depth Scales: 20', 30', 40', 60', 80', and 120' or 240' (Deep Model)
Exclusive Interference Rejection: 10 Step
Power and Sensitivity: 400 Watts Peak-to-Peak
Frequency: 200 kHz
Target Separation: 2.65"
Target ID: 1"
Weatherproof High Impact Case
Dimensions: 4.4"H x 6"W x 2.5"D - Weight: 1.1 lb.
Voltage: 12 VDC - Current draw: 275 MA
Wide Variety of Transducers and Accessories Available
Transducer: 3-Pin - Transom Mount, Puck, or Ice Fishing
Cone Angle: 9°, 12°, 19° (standard), or Dual 9/19 Beam
Warranty: 2 Years

Serious ice fishermen demand equally serious gear. These hand crafted panfish ice fishing rods from St. Croix provide the utmost in quality. Built using St. Croix's Premium SCII graphite, these ice fishing rods deliver outstanding strength, sensitivity and hooksetting power. The blank and guides are actually the same ones used in the Avid series. Precision-balanced for proper feel. Finely tuned actions and tapers deliver superior performance under very specific conditions, letting each rod cater to your exact needs. Select-grade cork handles give a comfortable, insulated grip and hold up to years of tough fishing. Fuji®reel seats, Hialoy™ guides. The included reels were specifically developed for this ice-fishing combo. These three ball bearing aluminum spinning reels with aluminum spools perfectly match the exceptional quality of the rods they are paired with, making this combo the ultimate ice fishing rod and reel set-up. Two-year warranty. Made in U.S.A.
must gear to have ice fishing - - - 5 messages. Showing 1 through 5.
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