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General Guidelines (please Read) - - - This thread has 1 message. Showing 1 through 1.
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Rules of the My Fishing Pals Forum

1. No Bad Language

2. Let's Keep It About Fishing Okay?

3. Minnesota Fishing Topics Would Be Best

General Stuff

Even though I am a web developer, there is nothing I like to do more (except for a few things with my wife who happens to hate fishing) then to fish. I consider myself an average fisherman and I could use all the tips and help I can get. I thought that by putting up this forum, I would be able to get a group of people together that feel the same as me about fishing, especially in Minnesota. I'm not looking for people to post there secret fishing holes or lakes, but if we could pass information back and forth, maybe we could all learn something here, Of course, if you wish to post your secret spot, I won't mind wink smiley

This forum is moderated by me and a few others. I would like my kids, who happen to love fishing, to be able to read and maybe contribute here too. Therefor, I would appreciate posts that are clean. I don't mind controversy mind you, just remember that we should behave ourselves... we don't know who is reading this stuff. I would rather have you police yourself then have me interfere. I do keep logs and I am keeping track of everyones IP addresses. If a user continually gets out of line, I will ban them. No exceptions. I have only had to ban one person since this site started and I think that is one too many. Let's be nice grin smiley... anyway...

Catch Ya Fishin'!


Oh... and by the way...

My Fishing Pals provides the My Fishing Pals Forums and website as a convenience for you to use at your sole discretion. Messages, images and other information may be posted by persons over whom My Fishing Pals exercises no control. My Fishing Pals does not provide that it screens the information or materials on My Fishing Pals. Accordingly, My Fishing Pals is not responsible for and does not assume responsibility for the contents of any posts, links, photos, images, articles, stories, files or any other information or materials posted in the forums or other portions of this website. My Fishing Pals does not and cannot provide that any of these and all materials on My Fishing Pals is correct, complete, authorized or appropriate for some people. Listings of companies, images, services, products, organizations, information or causes on My Fishing Pals does not and can not in any way imply endorsement. My Fishing Pals assumes no responsibility for information or materials posted or contained herein, nor does My Fishing Pals make any claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, suitability or completeness of any of the information or materials in the posts or other pages. Use the advice and information provided at your own risk...
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General Guidelines (please Read) - - - This thread has 1 message. Showing 1 through 1.
You Are Currently Viewing - Minnesota Fishing Forum - Unrelated  

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