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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 09:29 AM 08/01/06 (CST)
Western Lake Superior Fishing Report period ending July 30th, 2006

The report covers the area from Minnesota and Wisconsin Points north and south and east approximately 5.5 miles east with the best fishing at approximately 1.8 to 4.5 miles east. The report is based on actual fishing success. The sources for the fishing information are skilled recreational and commercial hook and line guides and they hope by providing you with is information, your catching is as good or better then their success.

The lake water temperatures which effect the fish in this area have been cooling closer to the western shores of Minnesota and Wisconsin points to as close as a half mile off the western beaches. 38 and 39 degree temperatures can be found at 30 feet from the surface and the surface temperatures were being rcorded at 75 to 77 degrees. The winds and breezes have been coming from the westerly directions which draws these bottom waters to the shore and of course, the fish and their food sources.

The species of fish which showed the activity were the Lean Lake Trout, Walleye, Chinook Salmon and a few Rainbow Trout. The Rainbow Trout were the unmarked or clipped type so care should be taken to release them quickly if they do no meet the requirements of legal taking. No Coho or Brown Trout were reported in the catches.

Again this week, the spoon baits were the bait of choice for the Lean Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout and Chinook. The stick baits seemed to produce the interest of the Walleye. For those individuals using meat baits, the action was extremely mixed with low productivity being mentioned the most of times. The fish seemed most interested in the colors of yellow and green, yellow and pink, yellow and blue, orange and gold and the purple and pink combinations. The productive depths were from 30 feet down to 55 feet with 35 to 45 feet getting the most action. Stacker lines set fifteen feet above the 50 and 45 foot deeper baits produced a mixed variety of fish with the Lean Lake Trout coming at the deeper depths. The best trolling speed seemed to be between 1.7 to 2.0 knots. Faster or slower speeds produced little action or what is referred to as short hits and no fish.

The tip of the week has to be speed when trolling. The past week seemed to be a week of very fussy fish when it came to speed. To fast or to slow produced few if any fish. The hot weather and narrow band of water the fish are using, seems to effect their movements and feeding habits. In checking the stomachs of the taken fish, Rainbow Smelt show up in the off shore caught fish and Spotted Shiners are in the near shore caught fish. Generally, all the forage fish eaten are about 3 to 4 inches in length with very few exceptions. Watch the bait size!

Have some fun and take the kids fishing.

From the fishing deck of the Lady KDK

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 09:49 AM 08/01/06 (CST)
I most always go with a 3" shad for eyes.
Thanks for the report & we are running faster too to stay above the weeds. It seems the speed is triggering the bite.Here is an article that says the same.
Fast Fishing For Summer Success

During this time of the year, water temperatures are high. Warm water can mean aggressive fish willing to chase down a quick moving lure. Here is a look at two fishing presentations that fish fast and can be used to put good catches of fish in the boat during summer’s heat.
Crankbaits can be very good warm water fish producers. Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike and even panfish can all be caught with crankbaits. Casting crankbaits works well in some situations, though trolling a crankbait can be a downright deadly fish producer in the summer. Not only do fish of all species eat crankbaits, but they also can be fished in several fish-holding areas. Weedlines, shallow flats and the drop-off edges of structure like points and sunken islands are all places that crankbaits can be used to produce good multi-species action.

A deep-diving crankbait in a baitfish color pattern is often a good choice for trolling. A bait that fishes within a foot or two off the bottom is often a good choice. The packages that crankbaits come in often give an indication as to the bait’s diving depth. That can be a good starting point, though experimenting with various baits is a good way to find the best bait for a particular situation. As for lure color, I often start with a perch or firetiger pattern and adjust if necessary. Frenzy Divers have been very productive crankbaits for me over the years.

One overlooked key to summer crankbait trolling can be the amount of water that can be covered in a trolling pass. For that reason, I like to use long rods placed in rod holders in an attempt to cover a wide area when making a trolling pass. Another option that works well, especially when several people are in the boat, is the use of in-line planer boards.

Planer boards snap on the line and are used to take baits out to the side away from the boat. Not only does this increase the coverage of a trolling pass, but it also allows multiple lines to be fished while minimizing the risk of tangled lines. When using this method, I prefer OR-12 Side Planers as these boards are simple to use and run well even in rough water.
A crankbait is a good warm water fish producer. Another presentation that fishes fast and puts fish in the boat is a bottom bouncer and spinner set-up. In fact, spinners baited with nightcrawlers and fished behind bottom bouncers is one of the most popular summer walleye presentations. Not only that, but I’ve caught bass, northern pike and even big panfish when pulling bouncer/spinner combinations.

A fairly heavy bottom bouncer (one ounce or more, depending on water depth being fished) can be used for quickly pulling a spinner/crawler in some of the same areas that a crankbait can be trolled. Not only that, but this presentation can also be used for fishing more confined areas like small sunken humps or the very tips of underwater points.

As for spinner choice, I prefer those with double-hook harnesses, which work well when fishing with crawlers. My favorites are Rainbow Crawler Harnesses, which have double hooks and also feature fish-scale attractor spinner blades. I often start with a yellow blade, though green, gold and nickel are some of my other favorites.

The heat of summer means warm water and fish that can be triggered into biting at times with fast-moving presentations. Two of the best presentations are trolled crankbaits and spinner/bottom bouncer combinations. The tips just supplied are designed to help anglers be successful this summer when utilizing these two techniques.

I hope you & yours are fareing well.
Have a great day Capt.Dave!

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 10:07 AM 08/01/06 (CST)
Thanks for the report, Capt.Dave!

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Western Lake Superior Fishing Report - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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