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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 12:33 PM 07/11/06 (CST)
Look for bigger bass on the deep weedlines and bars of most lakes. Walleyes tend to be most active during lowlight periods of the day in 20 to 35 feet of water on lakes such as Miltona, Ida and Le Homme Dieu. Lake Darling, Lake Geneva and Le Homme Dieu are giving up crappies by way of small minnows or tube jigs in 12 feet. Small sunfish and northern pike are biting well on most lakes.


Plastics are producing bass on Clinker Lake, Rabbit Lake and Lower Mission Lake. Look for panfish in 12 to 16 feet of water on lakes such as Adney, Perry and Clearwater. Limited walleye activity is reported off Rabbit Lake and Serpent Lake in 26 to 28 feet. Trout continue to hit crankbaits on the Pennington and Manual Pits.


Work the weed edges of Blue Lake and Green Lake for panfish. A few walleyes have come from Blue Lake in 22 feet of water. Crankbaits have been the ticket for smallmouth bass on the Rum River.


Leeches are turning walleyes in 12 to 15 feet on Crescent Lake and Two Island Lake. A few can be had in deeper water on Lake Saganaga as well. Hungry Jack Lake is a safe bet for smallmouth bass. On Lake Superior, spoons are producing salmon at a variety of depths, while lake trout remain close to bottom.


Look for walleyes on Bowstring Lake in nine feet of water, on Sugar Lake in 17 to 20 feet, and on Lake Pokegama in seven feet. The Tioga Pit is kicking out rainbow trout and the bulrushes of Bass Lake are holding sunfish. Crappies are hitting on the 12- to 14-foot weedlines of Pokegama and top-water baits are producing muskies at the Blanden Reservoir.


Bass are biting at a good pace on lakes such as Birch, Horseshoe, Pine Mountain and Woman. Crawlers and spinners are turning an occasional walleye on Ten Mile Lake, Pleasant Lake and Woman from the shallow weeds out to 22 feet of water. Look to Pleasant and Birch for sunfish in 12 feet. Northern pike are an easy catch on the weedlines of Pine Mountain and Birch.


EAST - Midday walleye activity has slowed with a few fish coming off the deep gravel and mud. The most consistent bite continues to be the slip bobber and leech bite on the mid-depth rocks. Tubes or shallow-running crankbaits are producing smallmouth bass on the rocks, while bucktails are triggering some muskies.

WEST - Spinners tipped with crawlers, leeches, or minnows are producing walleyes on the mud flats in 23 to 32 feet of water. Better numbers of big walleyes are coming from deep water off main lake structure by way of crankbaits. Toward dark, slip bobbers and leeches are turning fish at a variety of depths.


A few walleyes can be had on the deep weedlines of the bigger bays such as Brown's and Wayzata. You'll also find bigger concentrations of sunfish and bass on the 15- to 20-foot weed edges scattered throughout the lake. Sucker minnows and spinners have been the ticket for northern pike on top of the deep patches. Muskie activity has improved in these areas as well.


Walleyes are being pulled from 18 to 20 feet of water near Pine Island during the morning and evening hours. Midday fishing has improved in deeper water with spinners rigs and nightcrawlers. Limits of fish continue to be common. The reefs and deeper bays are producing walleyes at the Northwest Angle. Most of these fish are hitting live bait presentations in 22 to 34 feet. Muskie reports also have improved at the Angle.


Muskie anglers are seeing more fish this week on the reefs and deep weedlines with top-water baits. Walleye activity has slowed, but panfish continue to be found in the deep and shallow weeds. The bigger sunfish and crappies have been taken on the deep weedlines with more numbers in the shallows. Bass and northern pike are cruising the weed edges and biting very well.


Walleye action has been up and down with scattered fish being reported on the bars and humps in 16 to 26 feet of water. Some big perch have been caught this week off the 19- to 34-foot humps near Big Muskie Bar. Northern pike continue to be an easy catch in the eight-foot weed patches.


Work the weedlines for walleyes with live bait rigs in 18 to 24 feet of water. The sharp breaks off the points are producing fish during the day as well. The evening crankbait bite remains strong off the points in 10 to 14 feet. Sand Point and Second Duck Point are good places to start you're evening trolling. Muskie action has been sporadic with some seen in the weeds.


Mallard Point and the Bonanza areas of Big Stone Lake are producing walleyes on plugs or spinners in 12 to 14 feet. Leeches have been the ticket for walleyes on Lake Oliver in 12 feet of water. The north end of Lake Lac Qui Parle also has provided some walleyes.


Long Lake remains the best bet for walleyes in 21 feet. Sucker minnows are providing consistent northern pike action on the 16-foot weedlines of Big Mantrap Lake. Top-water baits have triggered muskies on Big Mantrap as well. Hit the Crow Wing Chain with waxworms for bluegills in 14 feet of water.


Look for walleyes in 20 to 28 feet of water on the Saginaw Bay Reefs, Fox Island Reefs and Olson Reef. The Reinier area also has provided steady walleye activity. Northern pike can be had in the back end of Black Bay where crankbaits are working best on the thick weedlines.


Shad Raps are turning walleyes on Lake Pepin in 14 to 18 feet of water. Jigs also have worked for walleyes on the wingdams of the Mississippi River. Catfish are hitting stinkbaits in the river, while the Rush River is giving up good-sized pike. The deep rocks of Pepin are safe bets for crappies and smallmouth bass.


NORTHEAST - Sucker minnows are turning numbers of northern pike on the 12- to 14-foot weed edges of White Bear Lake, Lake Owassa and Big Carnelian Lake. Plastics and top-water baits are producing bass on Forest Lake, Lake Jane, and Big Marine Lake. The best sunfish reports are coming off Lake Peltier in 12 to 15 feet of water. Walleye activity has slowed with the best bite taking place during the evening hours on the St. Croix River in 20 to 22 feet of water.

WEST METRO - Largemouth bass are very active in the weeded areas of Lake Zumbra and Pierson Lake. Zumbra also is kicking out northern pike in the 12- to 14-foot weeds. Lake Minnewashta, Lake Auburn and Lake Bavaria remain safe bets for sunfish in 10 to 12 feet of water.


The 10- to 15-foot weeds on lakes Andrew, Florida, Nest, and Games are holding sunfish. Slip bobbers and leeches are turning walleyes on Long Lake in six to 12 feet of water. Bass and pike remain active on most lakes, while Green Lake is providing a walleye bite in the shallow weeds out to 30 feet. Smallmouth bass also can be had on Green with plastics and crankbaits at a variety of depths.

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 01:27 PM 07/11/06 (CST)
thanks jiggle.
I was wondering,does anyone react from the reports. I mean do you look at it & say ok this lake is doing good so we go there and follow the tips?
I guess I just compare to my fishing to see the corilations.

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 01:35 PM 07/11/06 (CST)
Thanks for the report, Jiggle!

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Minnesota Fishing Report 07/11/06 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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