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Anglers are “Sick People.” - - - 6 messages. Showing 1 through 6.
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 11:05 AM 06/30/06 (CST)
This will get you going.
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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 11:10 AM 06/30/06 (CST)
Somewhat related but very funny, I think...

"Granny Warriors" protesting PETA

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 11:33 AM 06/30/06 (CST)
Thats what I've been seeing to.All over the world ,guns are being confiscated. The anti's are winning battles all the while we sportsman rely on others to fight our battles.
This is not like hey I'm selling our football team or like Green did with the Stars when he moved them to Dallas.We got another Hockey team&basketball team.When we loose our rights to be sportsmen & women there will be no more.
For most of us ,it is just a sport. Others it is a way of life.
Some depend on mother nature to supply most of the meat they have in their families diet.
You can't go down the alley in mpls. to see who's eating a deer ,but I know a few families here that rely on venison.Just think of 1 dad making 1200 a month with 4 kids & rent.The wife stays at home to care for them while he works in a menial job.
I know how hard it is to make it up here and some of us no matter how bad things get will never go back to the big city.
The wildlife is there & has been there forever for us to cull as we have needed.
So why is it wrong now? It isn't,so if we like this oppertunity to get out & hunt & fish for sport or for need then we should be responsible for the future legecy of the sport.

You know ,I do not believe it is that important to that many people to save our lands for the future generations.
Things that are important are readily noticed in the news,but when it comes to the outdoors we see little clips or nothing.
That is because the mainstream viewer has no interest. TV is customer or market motovated. If there was an issue,where is it then.
Out of site out of mind is another one that comes to me.

All I'm asking is that we get involved a little bit. It will make a difference. It will have to come down to something very much like a true threat like the sport is outlawed before the mainstream would get involved,but then it's too late. Look at Australia & canada when it comes to gun control.
When was the last time a gun jumped out of the case,loaded itself & then shot a passerby.
It seems humans can not take responsibility for theor own action. I'm a drunk I can't help it.I'm a child molester & I can't help it,I am a bank robber,smuggler,addict,wife beater.

It's all about I have a disease & I am helpless.
Get off of it,be a man or a woman & have some integrity for God's sake.

So getting off of the soapbox ,I'd like to say that some folks are out there educating & the like & they should be commended for their actions.
This article shows what's up on the mind of the Minnesotan.
Editorial: Hunters and anglers must vote their values
Monday, June 05, 2006

Star Tribune by

Just as the dedicated sales tax for hunting, fishing, conservation, parks and a whole bunch of other stuff was reaching legislative stalemate, an interesting poll of sportmen's attitudes made the rounds. Commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation, it was intended to discern the hook-and-bullet view of global warming -- but what it detected about political behavior was equally interesting.
These Minnesotans value their hunting and fishing. Asked to rate those activities on a 1-10 scale, with 10 meaning extremely important, nearly one-quarter picked 10 (the average was 7). Nearly half said they've seen declines in wildlife habitat, and three-quarters expect fish or game populations to fall significantly in the next 10 years. Two-thirds see global warming as a serious threat to wildlife.

But do they express these concerns at the ballot box? They do not. When asked "how much of an influence do candidates' conservation policies or views have on your actual voting behavior," 70 percent said the influence was minor or nonexistent.

There was a lot of hopeful talk, as the so-called conservation amendment was gathering steam, about the strength of a supposed new alliance uniting sportsmen with environmentalists, bicyclists and, eventually, museumgoers. And when it sputtered to a stop, there was some hot blather about how hunting and fishing groups would figure out which lawmakers to blame, and punish them in November.

This is not likely, and that's too bad. The sales-tax amendment, in our view, was the wrong way to restore a healthy level of funding for Minnesota's natural resources, so we were not sorry to see it fail. But now another legislative session has come and gone without seriously addressing the critical funding needs for habitat protection, for water quality, for open-space preservation and a wide range of other resource-related purposes. Lawmakers ought to be held accountable for that long-term negligence.

But they won't be, not unless sportsmen, environmentalists, conservationists and outdoor recreationists can come together, and stay together, on an agenda of their true common interests -- and one with a longer-term vision than creating a new tax stream and divvying up the flow.

The dedicated-tax approach has built-in problems, and this session illustrated a new one -- a coalition big enough to deliver enough votes for such a measure may end up too diverse to agree on the basics: An eighth of a cent, a quarter, three-eighths? All new tax money or half new and half old? One amendment or two? Not to mention the details of who gets how much of the loot.

But the enduring and fundamental problem is that dedicated-tax schemes relieve legislators of their primary responsibility: to spend the people's money, year after year, in the best long-term interests of the state, its citizens and its natural resources.

Minnesota's disgraceful decline in resource spending has occurred not because this state can't raise the money to care for its natural assets, but because its legislators lack the commitment to allocate enough for the job -- and, if need be, to adopt a straightforward tax increase. And too many voters lack the resolve to insist otherwise.

Sometimes political scientists speculate that environmental issues have fallen to third, fourth or lower in voters' priorities because crime, education and other concerns seem more immediate, and because they assume there will always be time to catch up on that green stuff.

Perhaps the reality is exactly opposite: Most candidates can be trusted to do the right thing on schools and safety, so it's time to take a closer look at where they stand on habitat and water quality. Maybe we get the government we deserve, as the song has it, or maybe not. Certainly we get the government we demand.
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Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 12:12 PM 06/30/06 (CST)
The one article.. I didn't even want to keep reading after seeing the part about Southern Ontario kindergarten through 2nd graders reading a book about mother nature KILLING a cop???

The 2 grannies article is good and sort of funny.

Even a BAD day of fishing is better than a good day of work; paydays excluded!

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Daily Subscription Msg 5 Posted: 12:50 PM 06/30/06 (CST)
It's really sad to see the tactics of the right wing ya'hoo's.
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Daily Subscription Msg 6 Posted: 12:51 PM 06/30/06 (CST)
Thanks for the article, Scrunch.

And jj - nice to see a post from you other then the usual "bump" of the thread I won't mention ;-)


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Anglers are “Sick People.” - - - 6 messages. Showing 1 through 6.
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