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another good read relating to walleyes - - - This thread has 1 message. Showing 1 through 1.
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Working The Weedline by Bob Jensen
So much of the time anglers think of the weedline as being a good place to fish for largemouth bass, and those anglers are right. Lots of bass can be found along a weedline.

But there are also lots of other species of fish that live along the weedline. In many bodies of water the weedline is where walleyes, northern pike, muskies, crappies and other panfish will be found.

When we think of our yard, weeds aren’t desirable. There are some weeds in the water that fish like better than others also. When we talk about weedlines that are desirable for fish, cabbage weed and coontail are desired. Lily-pads will hold largemouth bass, and sandgrass will hold fish at times also. When we’re fishing weedlines though, we’re usually working cabbage weeds.

As you look at the map of a lake, you’ll see that there is a shallow weedline and a deep weedline. The shallow weedline will be found in about four to seven feet of water in most bodies of water, while the deep weedline will found in maybe eight to fifteen feet of water. In the summer, the deep weedline will be where a lot of the action occurs, although the inside weedline can also produce.

Jigs are a top producer for weedline fish. Jigs can be rigged with either live bait or a soft bait. Day-in and day-out a stand-up Fire-Ball jig in the eighth ounce size and tipped with a minnow is tough to beat. Anything that swims on the weedline will eat this combination.

However, more anglers every year are tipping their jigs with soft baits like Power Bait or Gulp! These baits are much more durable, so panfish won’t constantly rip them up.

Also, plastics come in a variety of shapes and colors, so you can provide the fish with lots of different looks.

In the summer, larger soft baits will be more effective unless a weather front has given the fish lock-jaw.

Some jigheads are designed for use with soft baits. Two of the best are the Mimic Minnow head and the Lip-Stick Jig-Worm. These jigs have longer hooks and collars that hold the soft bait in place.

Look for turns in the weedline. Some fish will be spread out all along the weedline, but the groups will be found where there is a pocket or something different on the weedline.

Sometimes the fish will want the bait swimming slowly over the tops of the weeds. This is most common early and late in the day or on overcast days.

Most of the time allowing your jig to fall along the deep edge of the weeds will be the most productive. You need to locate the edge of the weeds and then cast your jig to that area. Allow it to fall, watching your line for an unusual movement. Set the hook, and you’ll probably have something wiggling on the other end. You’ll find that this method of fishing will provide you with lots of wiggles throughout the summer months.
another good read relating to walleyes - - - This thread has 1 message. Showing 1 through 1.
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