Fly Fishing in Lakes Country

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Fly Fishing in Lakes Country

Fly Fishing in Lakes Country
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“Yes, there is fly fishing in Lakes Country” I was a walleye angler like the other ½ million people living in lakes country when a friend suggested I go fly fishing with him. He loaned me a fly rod spent 5 minutes showing me how to cast it 15 feet, which is all that was needed that particular evening and I ended up catching a 16” brown trout on a dry fly. Nine years later and several thousand dollars later my wife and I now own a fly shop and guide service and it’s been fun getting here, we have fly fished in some beautiful places from Arizona to Montana to back here in our lakes country. I still fish often by conventional means and still chase walleyes and probably always will, but fly fishing has become a favorite for me for many reasons.

Why do I fly fish? I enjoy the challenge of developing a new skill or participating in a new type of fishing as well as trying to fool fish into taking something tied out of feathers and yarn. And on most of the streams and rivers there is very little traffic and the solitude adds to the enjoyment of using and catching fish with a fly rod. Fly fishing is also an active sport with one always casting or repositioning the line or retrieving the fly offering people who may get bored easily an alternative to traditional fishing, and its good exercise.

The difference between a fly rod and a spinning or bait casting rod is that with a spinning or bait casting rod the lure takes the line out and with a fly rod the line takes the fly or lure out, so one has to learn to cast differently. A fly rod is classified by weight such as a 6 weight rod and we need to match the appropriate weight line to the rod in order to effectively cast the line and the fly. There are many different books and videos from different fly fishing folks available which can help beginners get started. There is a lot technical jargon and different aspects such as entomology and reading water that a lot of fishermen are not familiar with and this can be intimidating at first leading us to think that fly fishing is difficult and causes some hesitation to participate in the sport. Casting a fly rod is a technique and I believe an art that one develops as they practice and fish with a fly rod, but it is a sport that everyone can participate in and be successful. Fly fishing or casting a fly rod is like anything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it, and it’s an activity that has endless opportunities to learn and explore new waters, fish species, and techniques. Our grandchildren have fly-fished and caught fish with a fly rod as young as 10 years old, so it truly is a sport for all. Visit the following website “Take me Fishing” for more detailed information on getting started in fly fishing:

The opportunities to fly fish in our lakes country are endless; we have thousands of lakes, and miles of river and streams to explore with a fly rod. You can fish all summer long for panfish and bass in our area lakes. In the spring the fish are shallow due to water temp, food, and spawning this is a great time to be out on the lake fly fishing as the fish will readily take your fly and offer a great battle on fly fishing equipment. As the water warms up in the summer some fish species tend move deeper towards cooler water and are still available to the fly fisherman by using sinking lines or heavier flies. I like to fish the deeper weed edges and seldom use sinking lines but use a longer leader and allow time for the fly to sink before working it back in. Though this is not traditional trout country there are a number of lakes that contain stream trout and a number of streams that have trout in them. Visit the Minnesota DNR website for information on location of these lakes and streams:

If you’re looking for a new activity to take up or add another tool to your fishing arsenal, consider fly fishing you will not be disappointed. Stop in and see us at Front 20 Outfitters Fly Shop located at 138 West Main, Perham, MN for your fly fishing needs.

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