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I have scheduled more seminars. They are listed at http://www.hightechfishing.com/schedule.html. I will be adding 2 Lowrance Schools and 2 Mapping Classes for Minnesota.

I have also updated my sport show schedule. You are welcome to visit me at the shows and ask questions about boating and fishing. I am usually at the Crestliner booth.

The newest Tip of the Week is a review on the new LakeMaster Lake of the Woods chip. http://www.hightechfishing.com/tipoftheweek.html

Finding Fish

Identifying fish near weeds is very difficult. The sonar collects all the data in the cone and prints that data as a column on the far right side of the graph. Everything else is memory. If there 2 fish at different distance from the sonar you will display 2 fish. If the fish is close to the bottom it will look like a bump on the bottom. But bumps on the bottom aren’t always fish but can be weeds. Scattered weeds growing 1-2 foot off the bottom can look like fish. The sonar adds all the echoes from all the scattered weeds and prints bumps on the bottom.

The 3rd example shows bumps that are fish that I confirmed with the camera. Who said understanding sonar is easy!

I wish you a happy holiday season.


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