High Tech Fishing Newsletter 12/19/2008    

New Tip of the Week

I have added to the Tip of the Week a new high definition map card available that takes away some of my tournament advantages. http://www.hightechfishing.com/tipoftheweek.html


SD Walleye Unlimited State Meeting Topic: Sonar, GPS and Mapping tips
Date Sat 9-11:30 AM January 17, 2009 www.sdwalleyesunlimited.org

Warner’s Dock Open House Topic: Understanding Sonar
Sat 11-12 AM January 10, 2009 http://www.warnersdock.com/index.htm

2009 Lowrance Schools and Mapping Classes at Rogers, MN Feb 5 and Milwaukee, WI Jan 2
Go to http://www.hightechfishing.com/schedule.html for details on seminars and classes.

New Products

I finally finished the Understanding Sonar and Interpreting the Display DVD. This is Part 2 Advanced.

The Part 1 Understanding Sonar and Interpreting the Display DVD covered understanding how sonar works. The Advanced Part 2 is much more comprehensive. It is 1 hour and 40 minutes of sonar pictures explained and correlated with Aqua-Vu underwater footage. I cover fish (species, moving fish, and size), weeds, trees and brush, bottom composition, Thermoclines, baitfish and unusual sonar recordings.

Fun Stuff

I captured this screenshot while fishing in the bow. I was using a ½ ounce sinker and 3 foot leader with a 5 inch minnow. I would lift the sinker and the minnow would follow. The walleyes would come up and look at the minnow but rarely bit. After watching this a few times I decided to do some screen captures for my classes and I ended up using this in new Advanced Sonar DVD. You can see that more than one of the walleyes in the picture was enticed by food hanging over their heads. It didn’t work to catch them but I got some great pictures for teaching.


I am trying something new this newsletter. Aqua-Vu provides the MAV (motorized Aqua-Vu) that I use to collect my underwater footage for my classes and DVDs. They approached me with the below offer for my newsletter subscriptions. If this works for you and Aqua-Vu I may be able to offer you other discounts similar to this.

I would appreciate your feedback on this idea.

Send comments to doc@hightechfishing.com

Aqua-Vu MAV Exclusive Deal

Get the same underwater camera that Doc uses—at a special price! The Motorized Aqua-Vu (MAV) and new MAV 7 are now available exclusively to High Tech Fishing members at $1499.99 (MAV) and $999.99 (MAV 7). That’s $500 below retail pricing!

To take advantage of this special timely offer, visit http://www.aquavu.com/Products/Boat-Mounted-Viewing-Systems, place either the MAV or MAV7 into your shopping cart, then enter code DOC

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