September 2009




New Tip of the Week

HDS StructureScan training

Doc has a prerelease StructureScan installed on his boat.


2009 Lowrance Schools and Mapping Classes


First Lowrance School and mapping Class will be in conjunction with the NPAA meeting in Minneapolis, MN the second weekend in January 2010, I am waiting to finalize the details.

Go to for updates, details and registration forms on the future classes.



Free Seminars


No additional 2009 seminars scheduled.



Go to for updates and details on future seminars.


HDS Review


I delete all trails and waypoints before I go to a new lake and load the old files since I have too many waypoints for Lowrance. I have my HDS networked and I can load an .usr file and the waypoints and trails will load to all the units on the network. If I delete all waypoints it will delete them off all the networked units. Another shortcut but a warning to someone if they think they are just deleting them off one unit or when loading you will duplicate waypoints if you load them to 2 units (this is how I learned the feature). This function will depend on your software version. I am using a beta version updated for the StructureScan.


I have the StructureScan on my boat. It is easy to install and hook into the Ethernet. I read the instructions but it is easy to understand once you look at the pages and menus. I took some screenshots and confirmed them with my Aqua-Vu and added them to the Tip of the Week.


I used my HDS 8 and you can watch 4 windows at the same time. I used the StructureScan side viewing the most. The old 2D sonar is still the best for locating fish. But I have just started learning the StructureScan.

shot 23 copy




DrDepth BT (bottom hardness) Edition

Pending fall data collection

Fun Stuff


AIM Pro Walleye Series Winnie International Championship review


This was my second AIM tournament and I love the format. You catch them, record the length with an observer, take a picture of the fish on the ruler so the judge can see the nose and tail on the ruler, and release them. You record the 7 longest fish for the scoring. I don’t have to worry about keeping them alive (penalties for dead fish), no slot limits to worry about and no more bad decisions on which fish to keep. Slot limits are scary for recreational and tournament angling  because fish change size in the livewell by 1/32 inch. If the lake has a slot and a no release rule you have to keep everything in the livewell. I used to not keep fish right on the line because if they relaxed and changed length you could be illegal. Now I catch the most and biggest and no more worrying. I love it!!

There were 2 good patterns at this tournament, suspended fish caught with boards and night crawler harnesses and deep fish caught live bait rigging with minnows, leeches and nightcrawlers. The first 2 days leeches worked a little better than minnows but the minnows were the ticket the last day. I caught 8 walleyes over 20 inches the last day.

I finished 6th and was hoping for 2nd going out the last day because the leader would have had to die in order for anyone to catch him. Todd Riley had a huge lead after 2 days and repeated his catch on day 3 to win easily. Todd trolled spinners and nightcrawlers on boards for suspended walleyes.


Doc’s Tournament Crankbait Contest


I found a good crankbait bite in 2 locations but I trusted the live bait better so I choose that for the tournament. The crankbait contest was a tie between a #5 Shad Rap black and silver and the # 4 Hornet crappie color.



New Product Review




Newsletter Discounts


This where Doc gets his products and supplies, I have secured some discounts for my newsletter subscribers.


Aqua-Vu MAV Exclusive Deal

Get the same underwater camera that Doc uses—at a special price! The Motorized Aqua-Vu (MAV) and new MAV 10 are available exclusively to High Tech Fishing members at $1499.99 (MAV) and $999.99 (MAV 7).  That’s $500 below retail pricing!


To take advantage of this special offer, visit this link and place either the MAV or MAV7 into your shopping cart, then enter code DOC


KassWinns 15% all products

Go to and use this promotion code DOC2009


BIGWATER GUIDE SERVICE for trophy walleyes on Lake Erie

Captain Ross Robertson 419-283-7069

Mention Doc and get $50 off.


Joes Guide Service

320-260-6143 South Dakota hunting and fishing trips

Mention Doc for 10% off


Down River Tackle

Doc gets his custom painted lures here. Doc paints the old lures that he doesn’t use into lures he will use. Use the code hightech to receive the below discounts.

15% off for all orders plus free shipping on orders over $100.



Northern Waters Services

Free Re-Action System upgrade for your trolling motor with any boat purchase

Mike Sorensen 612-558-2902 Ramsey, MN


Professional Reel Service

I get my reel cleaning and repair here. 10% off labor on one reel or 15% off labor on 3 reels or more if you mention Doc

Kevin Rush
2103 N Teal Brook Ct
Wichita KS 67235  316-250-3071




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