High Tech Fishing Newsletter 9/12/2007    

High Tech Fishing Newsletter with Doc Bruce Samson

I have lots of good stuff to share after my last tournament of the season. At www.hightechfishing.com I have added a new Tip of the Week on how to improve the viewing of LakeMaster chips.

The Cass Lake PWT pre-tournament scouting was very interesting. My scouting revealed many fish from 12-18” and a few over 20” on the numerous drop offs from 20-35 feet. The tournament rules were 5 fish with only 2 over 20” allowed. It became apparent that catching fish over 20 inches was much more important than finding larger slot fish.

I spent many hours looking for shallow fish, weed fish, and very deep fish (45-60 foot) with limited success. Interpreting the sonar was very difficult because of the many schools of large and small perch, walleyes, and other fish. For example: I found some nice fish in an 11-20 foot cup with my Lowrance 38HD but could only catch perch. The fish arches were the size of good walleyes and they were close to the bottom like walleyes usually are. I use a MAV Aqua-Vu to help in these situations. The MAV has a sunlight viewable screen so I can fish, watch my sonar, and use the camera at the same time. I was right as I saw more walleyes than perch. Of course this fired up my stubbornness and I tried leeches, all sizes of minnows, nightcrawlers, crankbaits, and snap jigged a Fireball jig with no success. I returned 3 times and still no success and never came back. I prefer biting fish! I still have no idea why they wouldn’t bite.

The tournament days were quite windy and required skill to stay on the fish because of the steep drop offs. I was in the bow running my trolling motor for 9 hours a day for 3 days in wind and waves. This is very demanding as you have to constantly stay focused so you don’t lose boat control. I used so many tools to improve my boat control that this will almost be a boat control article!

I used the following tools in combination to make boat control easier so I could focus on fishing not boat control.

Minn Kota Maxxum
TR-1 AutoPilot
Re-Action Systems
LakeMaster chip

First I need to understand the structure so I knew where I wanted to fish. I think this is the finest survey that LakeMaster has done of the many lakes I have reviewed. I stared at my GPS and sonar screen all day viewing my position on the map and remembering how the fish were related to the map. Hats off!

The Maxxum’s cable drive allowed quick response and the Re-Action System allowed quick throttle control.

The TR-1 is connected to my Mercury Pro kicker. I have a handheld control that I use in the bow with a tachometer since I can’t hear the kicker’s RPMs in windy conditions. The Tr-1 has an autopilot so it helped keep the boat into the wind (always) and it provide thrust. I could adjust the kicker throttle with the handheld and I would adjust the Maxxum throttle with the Re-Action System.

It is hard to explain how well this worked but my amateurs were amazed and said so on stage. I will say I have practiced these methods many times so I have the skill when the adverse conditions arrive. It is similar to driving a car on icy roads. Who do you want driving, someone from northern Minnesota or someone from Texas? Practice pays off!

The bottom line is I use these tools so I can stay on fish easier so I can focus on fishing instead of boat control. If you want to learn more about these tools they are described in Boat Rigging at www.hightechfishing.com.

I finished 11th place and caught the largest fish of the tournament. My amateur received $500 and a plaque since we catch fish as a team.

Netting a 28” walleye is not easy in 20 mph wind and keeping the boat over the fish while you fight and net the fish. This is important since I want a chance at the fish’s sister and that fish may only be there for a few minutes. This is where boat control shines because if you drift 200 feet while fighting a fish, removing the hook, placing it in the livewell, and then getting back to the spot you are often late for dinner!

If you enjoyed the newsletters please share them with your friends. They will be more this winter as I will be collecting data for my Advanced Sonar DVD and I will share the good stuff I find. Of course Lowrance always keeps improving their product with software updates and I will test them and share the good stuff in newsletters and the Tip of the Week.

Bruce Samson M.D.
2004 Norb Wallock Award
PWT Top Teaching Pro
NPAA # 80
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