High Tech Fishing Newsletter with Doc Bruce Samson

Foiled again at my last Professional Walleye Trail tournament (PWT), but I have some tips for fishing success that I will share. I placed 73 and went home empty handed.

I have added a new Tip of the Week at www.hightechfishing.com that demonstrates the value of hunting fish with your sonar at 20 mph.

The last PWT was at Escanaba, MI and included Michigan waters. This system has many walleyes and too much water. Most of the water in the main lake was dead water for walleyes but when you found them, they were big. I used many combinations of spinners and crankbaits.

I created some depth maps of own but the Lake Master (800-540-5747) map chip worked very well. They did some excellent mapping in Little Bay de Noc. This photo is a zoomed in sample on a Lowrance model.

I tried to cover a lot of water in my search for the big lake walleyes and didn’t have enough time to check out Big Bay de Noc. It would take years to understand Big Bay and that is only a small part of the water I could fish. I did get some nice aerial photos of big Bay that showed the reefs which would have been great for navigation and trolling combined with the LakeMaster chip. I display the aerial photos in Fugawi as shown below. The photos are available from Warren Parsons Mapping (651-982-1401).

Next time I go back I will show up earlier as I have lots of work left on this system.

Bruce Samson M.D.
2004 Norb Wallock Award
PWT Top Teaching Pro
NPAA # 80
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