High Tech Fishing Newsletter 08/21/2008    

New Tip of the Week

DrDepth has recently made some major improvements in creating depth contour maps for your Lowrance like these examples. You can now make maps with weak computer skills. Go to http://www.hightechfishing.com/tipoftheweek.html for a more detailed explanation. All you need is a Lowrance/Eagle sonar/GPS and a blank memory card to collect the data and DrDepth to create the map.

This map shows how multiple maps are displayed when I zoom out.

Wabigoon Tournament Report

Wabigoon was a success and a failure. Personally I did poorly but the Can-Am format was a huge success. The audience was huge and enthusiastic for the weigh-in; TV coverage of the tournament was great as they played the coverage all day over local stations. The Canadians whipped us but we gave them a run on day 3. This was a great event and I hope someone figures out a way to continue the tradition.

I love fishing Wabigoon but the big fish were difficult to find.

Most pros only caught slot fish (14-18 inches) but the winners and other top finishers caught their fish on a reef complex that I didn’t pre-fish and I fished many reefs, bays, and weed beds looking for them. When you find the big fish you win big. The winner caught 4 big fish the first 2 days and didn’t even have to fish the last day to win. My biggest fish pre-fishing was 20 1/2 inches which is almost small enough for the winner’s fish too eat. I knew that wouldn’t win with small fish so I kept looking for the “ghost” big fish. Looking back it was a mistake but I am obsessed with big fish since they produce most of my failures and successes. Last year I finished 6th with leeches and slipbobbers but this was an artificial only format and artificial bait doesn’t work as well as a live leech under a bobber. I tested Slurpies and Gulp for my artificial choices and had the best luck with a spinner rig using an Aberdeen hook and a Slurpies grub. Jigs and artificial worked as did a plain hook and artificial as long as you moved the bait. I will never know if the bobber and leech trick would have worked.

I casted and trolled many crankbaits with poor success for walleyes but I caught many northern pike from 5-10 lbs. The top crankbait for walleye was the jointed shad rap in a custom color “plum crazy”. http://www.downrivertackle.com/ This color has worked well on Salmo lures and I plan to have more lures painted next year as these test lures have proven themselves. The painting done by this company is excellent quality. He paints for many walleye pros.


No new seminars scheduled until the winter.

New Products

LakeMaster has finally released its Vista version of Minnesota Contour Pro. http://www.lakemap.com/index.asp?PageAction=Custom&ID=59 I know many anglers that have been waiting impatiently for the release. LakeMaster does high definition mapping in the upper Midwest from Michigan to the Dakotas and parts of Canada. They have added some new features with the Minnesota update. You can now open the lake map and they have a link to virtual Earth from that map which shows the aerial photos of the lake you are viewing in the software. I have attached an example of Pelican Lake Minnesota. These and other new features are only available in the Minnesota software.

I predict someday this will be available for all of the United States. Something for you young anglers to look forward to.

High definition maps are rare in Canada so the Canadians very interested in the ones I create. I had a few in my boat looking at the reef maps. We are lucky to have mapping companies in the USA. As far as I know, Navionics has part of Lake of the Woods mapped and LakeMaster has Rainy Lake, Rainy River, and part of Lake of the Woods mapped.

The LakeMaster aerial photo must have come from the same place I get my aerial photos because it is the same one I used on my boat computer last May for the Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener. You will notice the accuracy of both maps when you compare them. There is value in each one for finding fishing spots.

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