High Tech Fishing Newsletter 08/01/2008    

New Tip of the Week

Saving waypoints files on Lowrance hard drive models has puzzled some hard drive users so I have added instructions in the Tip of the Week. People have saved waypoints and can’t find them.

New Seminar

Friday 6 PM July 18, 2008

Event “Understanding Sonar with Aqua-Vu”

Rimrock Scheels
300 S. 24th Street West
Billings, MT 59102-0000

You must register at the Billings Scheels Fishing Department 406-656-9220

Bull Shoals Tournament Report

I had a poor finish at the PWT Bull shoals. I was fishing a weak big fish pattern that got weaker so I failed. If I can find any big fish pattern, I try to understand and perfect it but this leaves very little time for other patterns. Looking back I should have fished the trees but I would do the same thing over as weak patterns of big fish can get weaker, stay the same, or get better and I can’t predict the change. If they get better I have an opportunity to win. Bull Shoals is one the best places to vacation or fish, lots of small and a few big fish. The scenery is like being in Canada, you can fish alone, no mosquitoes or black flies, and the only drawback is the humidity and heat. The locals fish in the morning and evening but I had no choice.

I was trolling crankbaits with Fireline and monofilament and the Reef Runner won the lure contest. Purple was the best color. I used lead core line at the same depths 24-30 and for some reason this failed. My last visit to Bull Shoals was 2005 and the Salmo Sting 9 cm (Bleak) and Bomber 24A (Gold) were the best lures and they never got a nibble. Fishing can be puzzling at times.

The most fish were in the newly flooded trees and I fished suspended fish. I collected some very good Aqua-Vu footage of fish in the trees and brush to match sonar recording I took simultaneously. The following photos are examples. The sonar picture has a lot of history and the Aqua-Vu is only showing a small section of the sonar picture. I matched them the best I could. I will be using the footage and sonar recording in my next Understanding Sonar DVD. It shows you can differentiate branches, brushes and fish.

Broadband Sounder

I still have some noise issues with the Broadband Sounder with the 200 kHz puck. I will be trying some new solutions next week. The 200/50 performs better so far. The 200 in the 200/50 is a 12 degree cone instead of a 20 degree and is designed for salt water. But I found I could “see” fish at 33 mph with the 200/50 and this is a great tool for searching for suspended fish. This is my first test and it worked better than without the Broadband Sounder. The size of the cone doesn’t matter as much when you are traveling at 31 mph. The next 2 sonar recordings show the fish at 4 mph and 31 mph. They are suspended at 24-28 ft. The high speed recording was played in an emulator to get the accurate speed and you will see it is duplicated as this was a short recording that is repeated 4 times.


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