High Tech Fishing Newsletter 06/10/2008    

New Tip of the Week

Lowrance LCX now displays jpeg photos and I have a new way to use photos to “Catch More Fish”. Look under the Tip of the Week at www.hightechfishing.com. Don’t miss this tip as it is amazing.


New seminar schedule will be posted this fall and winter. Fishing interferes with seminars!

Doc’s first tournament Mobridge, SD May 28-30 PWT

I finished 23rd. The weights were tight because of the slot limit. We could keep 3 under 20 inches and 2 over 20 inches a day. The 19 inch fish were easy to find but the 22-23 were tougher and there were only a few 24-30 inch walleyes caught but they really made the difference in your standing. My largest was 23 inches. Since I never know what others are catching until after the first day weigh-in I chickened out the first day and kept a 20 ½ inch walleye at 11 am.

I trolled all 3 days except for 15 minutes on a school of nice arches that I stopped and caught a catfish for species identification. They looked just like walleyes on the sonar and I couldn’t resist.

My top lures were Salmo Perch 8SDR, Bullhead 6SDR, Hornet 6F, Reef Runner, jointed Shad Rap #5, Frenzy Flicker shad #7 and Ripstick. White, purple and green were the top colors.

The winner was the Salmo Perch 8SDR for big fish (19-23 inches). http://www.salmofishing.com/lures/perch.html

This was the first time this lure has won my lure contest (I have one every time I troll) and this is probably because I usually pick the Bullhead 8SDR. The lures are identical in size and bill but have a slightly different shape. The Perch was a clear winner over the Bullhead this week and all the other lures. Wouldn’t it be nice to know why? I suspect the slightly different action was the difference not the shape. I suspect most lure companies struggle with this concept. Most lures worked but I would start each day with 4 lure choices and ended up with 2 Perch lures quickly. My amateurs now have new lures to buy as they were impressed.

I used my TR-1 Autopilot on the Mercury 9.9 kicker for trolling as someone needs to steer the boat while we land fish. I would steer it while my partner reeled in the fish and point the boat where I wanted it to go while I netted the fish. It works similar to the Minn Kota Autopilot as it uses a fluxgate compass but it can also get navigation directions from my GPS. I can have it steer the boat from waypoint to waypoint if I create a route in my GPS.

The winds and waves were fighting me during the pre-fishing and the tournament so I tested the 2 drift sock method for boat control that is promoted by Scheels pros Johnnie Candle and Jim Carroll and Wave Tamer Drift Socks.

This keeps the bow from bouncing in waves and acts like a huge keel to keep the boat on course. It also creates a pivot point so the kicker can turn the boat easily. Because of the drag from the drift socks I needed more thrust which gave me the power to turn on a dime. This is a real tool for boat control in adverse conditions which means: “Catch More Fish”. Thanks to Jim and Johnnie.

The new Advanced Understanding Sonar and Interpreting the Display DVD release has been delayed because of many reasons and tournament season is not the time to work on projects. It will be released this winter. This DVD will be very comprehensive and I have accumulated a large library of Aqua-Vu underwater video to match the sonar recordings.

I hooked up the Lowrance Broadband Sounder but I have some wiring problems so I had lots of noise. This will be corrected and I will do my report on it in the next newsletter. I have Ethernet to 3 Lowrance units so I can select either the Broadband Sounder transducer, TM transducer or another transom transducer to display on any screen. I should have good data soon.


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