February 2009





New Tip of the Week


New boat control article added 2/27/09.


2009 Lowrance Schools and Mapping Classes


March date not confirmed Cabela’s Rogers, MN

Check for Cabela’s date next week or email

March 28 Des Moines, IA Scheels

April 2 Scheels Mankato




R&R Marine Shakopee, MN 10 AM Saturday April 4 “Interpreting the Sonar Display and using Aqua-Vu for confirmation”.


Go to for details on seminars and classes.


HDS 2nd Review


Lowrance announces that there will be some type of side viewing available as an add-on to the HDS models available in 2009. This all the information they provided. This is something I will use and I almost purchased a Humminbird last year because I like to look for “spots” and I could see the value. Warren Parsons has provided me with many side scan images for review and I believe I will put this technology to good use. I plan on using the Lowrance side viewing and producing a DVD on interpreting side viewing. I will compare the pictures with actual Aqua-Vu underwater film.


DrDepth BT Edition


The DrDepth program that I use to create 2D and 3D maps and create maps for my Lowrance that look like LakeMaster and Navionics maps will now can create bottom hardness maps. There is fee to upgrade from DrDepth to the DrDepth BT Edition.

BT stands for bottom type. You can pick many different colors for the hardness maps like most sonar’s allow different choices in colors for the sonar. I prefer to use yellow for the hardest bottom and blue for the softest which are the same colors Lowrance uses in their default colors for sonar. Lowrance uses yellow for the strongest echo return which will be the same on the DrDepth hardness map. I have 2 examples below showing a point that has hard bottom extending past the actual point. I predict I will find many good uses of this feature next fishing season. Pay attention to the waypoint on the maps below.


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