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New Tip of the Week

No tip, I will do a brief review on the new Lowrance HDS models below.


2009 Lowrance Schools and Mapping Classes at Rogers, MN Feb 5

Go to http://www.hightechfishing.com/schedule.html for details on seminars and classes.

New Products

HDS preliminary review

I have been getting many email questions on the new Lowrance HDS. The HDS stands for High Definition System. I have only read the pamphlets and I went to 2 informational meetings on the HDS. I like many of the new features. Hopefully I will have in my hands to test thoroughly so I can give a preliminary report. I also plan on producing an instructional DVD ASAP.

This is what I have learned that will be of value to me.

1. All models will have an internal antenna that is improved from last year and will work even if flush mounted.
2. You don’t have to have a LowranceNet; you can just mount the HDS and connect power and transducer.
3. You can add the Ethernet and the LowranceNet if you desire. I will because both have value for catching fish.
a. I use the Ethernet to see what one transducer sees on all my screens. I can switch transducers with a few button clicks. The LowranceNet allows me to add the new GPS module that updates 5/second instead of 1/second and I want the most accurate GPS available.
b. I also like the waypoint sharing feature which I use to mark fish while driving and the waypoint will be on the bow screen when I drop my trolling motor and start fishing the fish.

4. Broadband is built in which will use the same transducers. You will be able to choose 200 or 83 with the standard transducer and 50 or 200 with the large dual frequency transducer.
5. Built in maps that can be viewed from above with 3D like picture. These are not the high definition maps like LakeMaster and Navionics use but in most lakes they are very good. I didn’t get to view the Great Lakes and off shore maps but the previous Lowrance maps were very good in the LCX. The new maps are much better than the 3D we had with the LCX and LMS. The built in maps are displayed much better than the LCX built in maps. I like the improvement.
6. You will like the options you have for waypoint symbols. This has been a common request from my Lowrance classes and I only viewed it for a few seconds but it really looked good. You will have too many choices!
7. Menus and pages are different; I didn’t have enough time to study this part.
8. Sirius weather is available; I will have this as I want to see the weather on my screen so I know how to react to approaching weather systems. When I hear thunder I want to know which way the storm is moving. You can see the storms moving and where the lightning is flashing. With the slightly more expensive subscription you can also get surface water temperatures on the Great Lakes. If you like you can also get digital radio through the same system which includes football & NASCAR amongst other things, same as a SIRIUS marine radio.
9. New FlyWheel™ scroll dial and soft command keys. These options will save me time when I want to use a feature. I am impatient on the water because I want to spend my time fishing. I even fish while I collect Aqua-Vu underwater data for my DVDs.
10. 2 year warranty (Lowrance warranty was previously 1 year)

I will provide more details after I receive my HDS in a future newsletter.
You will also get a complete review after I have used and studied the HDS in detail.

Fun Stuff

Minneapolis Boat Show
I will be working the MPLS Boat show and I can answer questions on these days.
Crestliner Booth Saturday January 17
Lowrance booth Friday January 16

Product Review
I have many good reviews on my new Advanced Sonar DVD Part 2 from Lowrance users.

"I agree with Joe. (I got the DVD right in time just before New Year) There's a lot of information into this instructional DVD. I already have watched the DVD twice and more views will follow as there 's a lot of information in it. It is worth the money."

I received my first Humminbird review. The DVD is helpful for any companies’ sonar as sonar is sonar.

1. "I watched both DVD's, and even though I run Birds, the basic info is awesome on what you are looking at, the basic function is still the same, you need to interpret on what you are looking at.

Highly rec!!"


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