High Tech Fishing Newsletter 01/01/2008    

High Tech Fishing Newsletter with Doc Bruce Samson

I have added the last Lowrance Schools and Mapping Classes February 2 at Rogers, MN and March 15 at Fargo, ND. I may add one more at a later date.

The new seminars, schools and classes have been scheduled and are listed at http://www.hightechfishing.com/schedule.html.

There are openings at the Rogers classes.

I have also updated my sport show schedule. You are welcome to visit me at the shows and ask questions about boating and fishing. I am usually at the Crestliner booth.

I have added buy now buttons at www.hightechfishing.com to make it easier to purchase DrDepth and Fugawi on the Mapping Info and Tips page.

Tennis Balls and Fish Arches

We all know what a fish arch looks like but what else can make a fish arch? The answer is about anything suspended in the water. Weeds can but they are attached to the bottom. Trees can fool us. But a “fish” arch is usually a fish since that is what suspends in water. I tested a tennis ball because I am curious. I attached it to a weight and took the pictures in my pool. I then placed it a lake near a buoy and recorded a chart with my Lowrance 38HD at different boat speeds. The tennis ball has air so it reflects sound well.

The tree arches show how different speeds affect the way they “arch”.

The photos are on page 2 of the newsletter. I remember the first time I saw trees with my Lowrance paper graph. I was fishing instantly for the big school of fish until I kept hooking the trees!

Bruce Samson M.D.
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